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Workbooks 7.1 Release

We’re rolling out new features to the Workbooks platform. Our dedicated engineering team have been hard at work, incorporating your valuable feedback to ensure that these updates continue to give you a seamless user experience.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming your way:

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Project Management

Stay on top of your projects effortlessly with our brand-new Project Management functionality. Now, you can create Project records within Workbooks and track tasks in a grid, calendar, or Kanban view format.

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Dashboard Views

Your data, your way. With the newly introduced card layouts for dashboard views, you can interpret your data in formats that suit your needs best. Personalise your dashboards and gain insights at a glance.

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Search Function

We’ve made enhancements to the search functionality, helping you find what you are looking for faster.

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We’re giving you the option to change the document currency in a transaction document, allowing you the flexibility to change the document currency.  

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Collaboration made even easier! Within each record, you can add comments and notify team members directly. Keep all relevant conversations in one place, making teamwork smoother and more efficient.

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RingCentral Intergration

Any customer with a RingCentral integration will be able to take any incoming call and access that individual’s person record with just a couple of clicks, say goodbye to time-consuming searches and hello to seamless interactions.

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Filter Using A Date Range

Filtering reports is about to get quicker. We’re introducing two new filters – ‘is between’ and ‘is not between’ – for reports and landing pages. Now, you can easily filter records within a specific date range, giving you the insights you need faster.

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Activity Records

You asked, and we’ve delivered! The new changes to activity records allows you to track your tasks and meetings better within Workbooks, either in an editable grid functionality or calendar format – giving you control and visibility over your day-to-day activities.