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Workbooks System Administrator Pre Course Video

Workbooks System Administrator Pre Course Video

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Course section Description To Cover
Workbooks Data Structure A high-level view of how records link to one another
  1. Common fields used
  2. Linked/Lookup fields
End-User Customisation How to configure your environment and view
  1. Creating filters
  2. Selecting relevant columns
  3. Saving Views
  4. Desktop Shortcuts & Pinning
Workflow How the most common Lead to Cash process works
  1. Leads
  2. Conversion to Opportunities
  3. Creation of Transaction records
User Environment Setup How to set up and manage your users
  1. How to setup and manage your users
  2. How to add users and User Groups
  3. How to Control access to records (Capabilities)
Databases Create & manage new databases Create new database with/without data & customisation
Accounting Periods Set up and manage your Accounting Periods Set up your Accounting Periods
Exchange Rates Set up and manage your Exchange Rates
  1. Modify existing Exchange Rates
  2. Create rates with new currencies
Global Customisation How to configure the look and feel
  1. Creating Custom Fields
  2. Customising Form Layouts
  3. User Preferences
  4. Managing Queues
Importing How to bulk import data
  1. Importing new & updating existing Organisations
  2. Importing People & linking them to Campaigns
Web Integration How to use Web2Lead and Web2Case to integrate your website with Workbooks Creating web forms to feed data directly into Workbooks
Workbooks and Email How to push your emails, meetings and activities into Workbooks Introduction to Workbooks Email Dropbox and Workbooks Exchange Server Synchronisation
Templates How to create templates for bulk use
  1. Creating HTML Templates
  2. Modifying standard PDF templates
Bulk Actions How to automate the creation/update of recordsĀ  using Bulk Actions Scheduling the creation of new records in bulk
Reporting Introduction to Reporting
  1. Simple list report
  2. Joining data from other records
  3. Limiting results using simple criteria