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Workbooks employees top tips for staying sane whilst working from home

Most companies have now transitioned their employees to work remotely (those businesses that could) and Workbooks is no exception. Not many of us are used to be working from home every single day and doing that can be a challenge. To help, we have asked our team members to share their top tips to keeping sane and motivated.

See below an outline of the responses we received.

James, Account Manager

Going for a walk with the dog at the end of the day

Helen, Office Manager

Being able to see the garden from where I work 

Jamie H, Account Executive Technology Sector

Having a regular video calls with the team


Christelle, Chief Marketing Officer

Taking regular breaks throughout the day: stopping for a cuppa with my husband, playing in the garden with my daughter (anything from hula hoop to kick a ball). Stopping to cook a proper lunch. Your brain and body need regular breaks.

Setting some sort of schedule and sticking to it, it really helps.

Going outside: even if in the garden or on a balcony… Breathe out. Getting close to nature. Investing in plants to bring nature inside too.

Workout: it is important to continue exercising: download online workout routines – so many are popping up now; lift weight, do yoga, pilates…. Whatever makes you feel good and makes you move your body. Many gyms are now doing virtual sessions. Join one!

And last but not least…. A glass of wine whilst listening to music at the end of the day!

Kate, Project Manager

Talking to my colleagues on the phone several times a day really helps

Playing with my cats and listening to music

It’s also good to find funny memes and send them to people who are also stuck at home. It’s good to lighten the mood!

Jade, Business Development Representative

Food is keeping me sane. And also scheduling nice lunch breaks so there is something to look forward to shortly after.

Penny, VP North America

Focus on building own immune system

    • Ginger shot (Apple and large piece of ginger in a juicer) – better than espresso!
    • Green juice (Spinach, Rocket, Coriander, Lime, Celery, Broccoli, Apple, Pineapple, Cucumber) – blended with half an avocado… to wash down probiotic

Making a list at end of day of what I want to achieve the next day

Making sure there is a slot in the day to get out for a walk 

Andrew, Engineer

Listening to a radio… Do NOT watch television.

During work time wear your usual work clothes, and change them at the end of the day, it makes you feel like there is still a difference between work and home. 

Try and keep your normal work hours, do not be tempted to delay things during the day, just because the computer is there at night

Vaughan, Business Development Representative

Do 1000 sit ups in the morning

Role play a BANTS call to myself in the mirror

Listen to a Sales Related Audible in the background 

Brendan, Senior Engagement Manager

I do have a little coffee machine by my side and I have Alexa to keep me company as well!


Alan, Senior Engineer

Music: I use Spotify radio for some background noise and being at home I can use a little bluetooth speaker which is more comfortable than the headphones I use at work. 

Alix, CRM Consultant

Have the radio on or music playing. We’re all used to having a bit of background chatter in the office, so sitting in silence can be a stark contrast.

As much as possible, separate your work space from your living space – not everyone has the luxury of an office room that they can walk away from when not working, so try to have meals in a different room, get away from your computer often to make a drink etc. It might mean packing things away at the end of the day, just so they’re not there as a reminder.

Go for a walk outside – even if you do have separate work spaces, its not nice to be in the same place 24/7, so try walk around outside.

Find something fun to do with the time when you would  normally be commuting.

And last one, don’t be afraid to message someone randomly if just in need of a chat ?

Alex, Head of Sales

Isolation gives us the opportunity to reflect on what has worked well and what needs improving and start to work out how we do the latter more often.

Review and develop our sales & marketing strategies so we are ready for when things return to normal

Listen to music and Audible books whilst working

Get outside every day for a walk or run to get some air and stay healthy (vitamin D)

Avoid panic and negativity by limiting the amount of news you consume to a daily update only

Meditation or 10 minutes of concentrated breathing

Boost your immunity with vitamin C – drink hot lemon juice, ginger and honey in the morning and turmeric, honey and black pepper with milk (or milk substitute) before bedtime

Avoid any highly processed foods whenever possible

Think long-term, this will end and we will get back to normaility.

Whatever you need to do to get you through each day is completely fine. These are just some ideas to get you started.

Stay safe and keep being successful.