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Overloaded agents make bad decisions. They rush to a diagnosis without listening carefully and fully understanding the problem. They don’t carefully walk customers through their solution step by step making sure the customer comprehends the steps to resolution and feels both understood and like they are in safe hands. They rush to type up their notes, so colleagues struggle to know the right actions to take.

Most critically overloaded agents tend to be unhappy agents. This comes through in the care they take over their work and in the manner they have with customers. Sometimes they seem stressed, other times simply exhausted – either way those aren’t agents who are delighting your customers.

  • See Open Cases by agent and team.

  • Stop cases which are old, overdue or about to breach SLAs.

  • Easily reassign cases to different teams or users.

  • Monitor trends by day, week, year or financial periods.

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Few organizations aim to overload their service teams. They all want them to have a manageable workload and to be happy giving an outstanding service to customers. The problem is that it can be very hard to tell when someone is overloaded. As any service team leader will tell you, the people who complain about workload are rarely the ones who need the help. Typically it’s the ones quietly working away, trying to keep up, gradually getting more stressed, making more mistakes, alienating customers, and eventually looking for new jobs.

CRM from Workbooks gives you the information you need to make the right decisions on allocation and resource. It gives you real-time data on current case volumes so you can spot at any given moment which people or teams are overworked and which have capacity for more. It also uses historical analysis – monitoring trends by day, week, year or financial periods – to identify seasonal peaks in workload so you can staff up around busy times.

Workbooks CRM also allows you to see open cases by team or individual. This means you can intervene to stop cases being left open too long and SLAs being breached. You can balance workload across the team and ensuring cases are progressed appropriately.

Finally, just as the loudest agents tend to get all the attention, so too do the loudest clients. Without a CRM platform there can be a tendency to focus on the customers who are shouting the loudest – cases from the quieter customers can be left open for too long. Or, another common issue is agents cherry-picking easier ones so they can demonstrate a high number of closed cases – more difficult, complex cases get left unresolved for long periods of time.

CRM from Workbooks delivers solutions to all these problems, using data to balance workloads and ensure your agents are able to give the right amount of time to customers, to give the right advice, and to enjoy their work.




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