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Why switch from Salesforce to Workbooks?

Comparing Salesforce and Workbooks? Feel like you’re overspending on your CRMCheck out our guide. It compares Salesforce and Workbooks on price, functionality, support and more. 

Comparing Salesforce and Workbooks? Here's four points that might help

Workbooks is up to 70% cheaper than Salesforce

Salesforce licences can cost a lot more than Workbooks ones. And we offer functionality in our lower cost editions, that Salesforce don’t. We give you 5 testing databases as standard, no matter what size your organization. With Salesforce, you have to purchase a more expensive edition designed for enterprises, even if you don’t need the rest of the functionality you’re paying for. 

Workbooks customers rate us higher overall for customer support

Our latest survey showed that Workbooks is rated higher than Salesforce for all these areas of support. All scores are out of 10:  

Direct access to human contact: Salesforce 7.2 vs Workbooks 8.2 

Access to consistent named contact during sales: Salesforce 7.3 vs Workbooks 8.5  

Access to consistent named contact during / after deployment: Salesforce 7.5 vs Workbooks 8.1 

Implementation training support: Salesforce 7.2 vs Workbooks 8.2 

Overall: Salesforce 7.4 vs Workbooks 8.4 

Workbooks don’t use third parties for implementations

Enterprise CRM providers often don’t manage your integration themselves. Instead, external consultants to manage your integration. At Workbooks, we develop and implement your software ourselves.

These are the key differences:

Overspend: 75% of those using a multi-party vendor have unexpected additional costs. There’s less risk and cost when you go with a single-party vendor like Workbooks.

Support: Talking to a CRM provider and consultants doubles your communication. And many consultants still expect you to pay them for ongoing support after your CRM goes live – it’s an additional cost that most don’t expect.

Co-funded implementation: We give you a discounted price on consultancy to make sure you get off to the best possible start with your CRM

Our pricing is clear, and our demo is easy to find

Ever find it confusing trying to work our which products and editions are right for you? Unlike enterprise CRM providers, our pricing and products are easy to understand. 

Pricing calculator: If you want to know how many licences you’ll need and much it will cost without any commitments – use our simple pricing calculator.