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Measure your SLAs

Track performance against Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in real-time. Identify which cases are overdue or about to breach SLAs.

Workbooks gives you MORE

More visibility.
More focus.
More effectiveness.

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Make Service Level Agreements (SLAs) the cornerstone of your business support relationships with Workbooks:

  • Track how many cases have had no response
  • See where you are delivering according to SLAs at any given moment quickly and easily and where you are falling short and so where you need to pay attention
  • Take proactive action on cases that are about to breach your SLAs with real-time tracking and reporting on case handling effectiveness
  • Identify trends across customers, time of year, or industry sector by tracking SLA performance metrics over time
  • Inform and improve your future SLA setting, your support team resourcing, and your sales and marketing targeting
  • Reduce the number of penalties and lost clients with real-time reporting

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