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3 signs you need CRM consultancy (and how to get a free workshop)

If you want to know how much time you can save by switching CRMs or how to get the bottom of your biggest sales and marketing challenges, there’s a simple way to find out. 

CRM consultancy.  

It’s a great way to learn:  

  • Why you aren’t meeting your goals currently – if you’re struggling to meet sales, marketing or operational targets, get to the bottom of why it’s happening 
  • How to create a unique strategy to keep engaging leads and retaining customers for your unique business 
  • What results could look like with another CRM: Could your teams be more efficient? Would you meet your goals faster with a different provider? 

Here are 3 signs you need CRM consultancy and how our Shared Success workshops can help. (Don’t miss out on the opportunity for free consultancy at the end). 


  1. You don’t have time to create or adapt your CRM strategy 

To make sure you close the most sales and attract quality leads, you need a CRM strategy in place. The challenge is that it takes time to create and maintain a strategy as your business changes. And many leaders aren’t sure where to start. We’ve previously shared some tips on how to structure your CRM strategy that can help you get up and running. 

But if you’re finding it hard to uncover the information you need or if you simply don’t have time to put your strategy together, a consultant can help. 

Workbooks’ Shared Success workshops are consultancy sessions that help you get to the bottom of your challenges and build a successful strategy that’s unique to your business. 

After your workshop, our consultants create an in-depth report that helps you set your business priorities and define your strategy. It includes: 

  • How your business works right now and where you want to get to 
  • The challenges that are holding you back 
  • The areas of your business which are important to change first 
  • Key needs from your CRM: A summary of everything you expect from your system 
  • Benefits over time: The key areas your CRM will improve 
  • Uncover how you can save money and boost efficiency 

What is Shared Success? 



2. You want to see the results a CRM can deliver for your business, without committing to a new CRM 

CRMs are an investment of your time and money – so it’s not a decision you want to get wrong if you’re thinking of choosing a new one. With so many providers out there with complex pricing and different offerings, it can be tough to know how much value you’d really get by moving. 

Consultancy is a great way to find out the benefits, without making any commitments. 

Workbooks’ Shared Success workshops are designed to pinpoint where your business can boost efficiency, save money on systems, and get clear pricing so that you can compare it with your existing provider.  

There’s no commitment to buying from Workbooks after – so you can even take your plan elsewhere. 

You’ll learn how to:  

  • Reduce the number of systems you’re using
  • Uncover silos or opportunities you may not be aware of
  • Avoid overspend with a clear plan of what’s needed
  • Get buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Reach your end goal faster with a more efficient deployment 


And you’ll get a clear estimate of how much time and money you can save. 

More benefits of Shared Success  



3. You’re not achieving your sales, marketing or operational goals 

There’s lots of reasons why you might not be reaching your goals. Many businesses make the mistake of taking on too much at once.  

Others have multiple teams working in silos towards different goals. Whatever the reason – consultancy is an easy way to get to the bottom of your challenges, align your teams, and make a mutual decision on the biggest priorities. 

How Shared Success can help 

During Shared Success workshops a consultant will gather your teams together and work with you. Together with the consultant, you can talk about the biggest challenges that are holding you back and share the goals you need to reach.  

If your challenge is that you have too many targets, it’s also a great opportunity to vote on key priorities and goals to create a structured priority list. 

Once your workshop is complete, the consultant will map out the most important areas of focus for your business in their report. 

It means you’ll get a really targeted vision, clear goals to meet, and you get a better understanding of why you’re not meeting your challenges in the first place. 

How Shared Success works  



Our free limited-time offer: 5 free Shared Success workshops 

If any of these signs sound familiar – don’t miss out on a free workshop.  

Workbooks are offering CRM consultancy in the form of our Shared Success Workshops. And we’re giving away 5 free workshops on a first come first serve basis.  

Want to get your unique CRM consultancy report and start driving a successful CRM strategy? Then it’s time to register before the spaces sell out. 

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