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Customer in the spotlight: Amstore Innovation Ltd

For this month’s edition of ‘Customer in the spotlight’, we see how Amstore Innovation Ltd used CRM to save considerable admin time and improve business processes.

A creative company with ambitious growth plans, Amstore needed a CRM system that would manage and improve process flows and give them better visibility across all business functions.

Amstore is a leading Digital Media production company, servicing the corporate and entertainment markets.

Amstore has evolved from a commodity manufacturer to a creative production agency with clients, re-sellers and suppliers around the world. It is also a versatile company with the ability to add new products to its product range which empowers them to continue to grow in a very competitive market sector.

In order to support their ambitious growth plans Amstore quickly realised that they would need a new CRM system. Amstore needed a CRM to manage all processes from the sales team to the accounts department, to the artwork department. It needed the full spectrum of CRM and SOP (Sales Order Processing) functionality, as well as being effective and easy to use.

Amstore originally reviewed 5 solutions – Workbooks, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics but they were immediately impressed with the Workbooks offering.

The Results

Amstore could immediately feel tangible benefits – with a smooth order flow process, the ability to segment their data for example by product, by industry or by geographical area and much improved KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and reporting.

Amstore have many different websites offering a wide range of products and services. The web-to-lead functionality in Workbooks has enabled Amstore to set up an automated process that creates leads directly from the websites within their Workbooks CRM system.

The staff trained have found Workbooks very easy to use and they love the customisation capabilities.

Overall Amstore save 45 hours per month in admin time alone!

Want to know more about the implementation of Workbooks at Amstore Group? You can view the Amstore case study or watch the video interview.