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Leveraging a Mapping Tool for Success

According to recent reports, CRM software industry revenue is expected to more than double by 2025 and it’s easy to understand why. At the heart of every growing business lies CRM. However, it’s not just about choosing a CRM for your business. In order to be effective, your company must choose the right CRM software that offers a robust set of functions and capabilities. Fortunately, Workbooks CRM and its Mapping Tool is packed full of numerous features and benefits which can be leveraged to create savvier, more impactful decisions for the betterment of your company. 

If you’re interested in learning how Workbooks’ Mapping Tool specifically can help you craft more efficient processes and boost the productivity and decision making capabilities of your sales, marketing and support teams, then look no further than these next few lines.


Let’s face it—your sales team already has its hands full. Between daily prospecting, cold calling, nurturing relationships, territory planning, and travelling, it’s easy to understand why it may sometimes feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get the job done. Fortunately, Workbooks’ mapping tool can help your team stay ahead of the game by putting time back on their side.

Our mapping tool can help your team make territory planning and travel more efficient and productive by showing them the geo location of their prospects and customers and the most effective routes to take when they’re traveling to visit them. If for instance your team needs to make a trip to see a customer in New York, they could also use the tool to look up other customers or prospects within a certain radius of the location in order to maximize both their route and their time.

The tool can further be leveraged by sales managers in order to help define sales strategies. For instance, sales managers can use the mapping tool to identify the highest density of customers and prospects – by using a heat map of targets. This information can then be leveraged in order to fuel decisions about where to base your sales teams or distribution centres in order to optimize output.

And let’s not forget that Workbooks CRM can help support pipeline efficiency and smarter pipeline management due to the numerous other functionalities it provides. Workbooks CRM can help your team track leads through the sales process, and provide them with a clearer understanding of the number of deals that are required at each stage in order to meet and exceed targets. When a CRM system underpins your sales process, you can effectively ensure that your entire sales team shares a common methodology and has a thorough understanding of where their prospects are in the pipeline in order to address their needs in a more effective manner. This in turn helps to improve forecasting and sales execution, conversion rates, drive best practices and increase revenue.   



The benefits of our mapping tool extend well beyond your sales team. It can also help your marketing team make smarter, more informed decisions and influence strategic planning for the better.  

Our mapping tool can assist your marketing team in crafting more precise and impactful campaigns and events. For example, marketers can easily draw up targets for a particular event by identifying prospects located within a certain range of the event location (i.e. “50 miles from London”).  

Ideal locations can also be easily identified at the click of a button for events and campaigns based on the density of your customers. For example, if you find that a large portion of your customer base is located in or around the Los Angeles area, then this information can be used in order to define where to organize your annual customer conference for example. 

But again, Workbooks CRM has many other features that can support marketers. You can run effective campaigns and events; you’re better able to manage your suppliers because all the relevant information and transactions are in one place; you can manage your team’s workload better, prioritize your marketing resources effectively and ensure your sales teams follows up the leads most likely to convert; you can manage data, profile customers and target more effectively. 

And you can capture key information such as campaign ROI, lead volumes by source, lead conversion, using dashboards and reports. Every interaction with a prospect furthers your business intelligence as you capture knowledge, map relationships, segment your data, and tailor your communication to improve results and the overall customer experience.


Last but not least, Workbooks’ Mapping Tool can help your service or support team function in a more efficient and productive manner than ever before. This is because our CRM mapping tool provides your team with a plethora of information on your client locations thus helping to ensure you and your team make smarter, more informed decisions which can help boost your customer experience.

For example, companies can leverage our tool to help their support engineers optimize their routes for customer support visits. Our mapping tool provides detailed location information that helps expedite the planning process as well as gives your team the ability to choose the best service schedule and route possible, driving efficiency. You can compare the location of one customer to other nearby customers in order to maximize routes and reach multiple clients all in one trip. More effective and efficient planning means less time on the road and more time for the activities that matter most to your business.

And CRM can help improve the quality of the service you delivers by providing your team with real-time access to the specific information they need to fulfill their duty once on site at a customer, all at the touch of a button. 


According to recent data, CRM usage in the last year alone increased from 56% to 74% with 91% of businesses having 11 employees or more reporting the implementation of CRM software. CRM software is quickly becoming essential to the overall success of organizations regardless of size, industry or location. 

With Workbooks, growing companies can reap numerous benefits to support and improve their sales, marketing and service functions. That’s because our CRM software, with its mapping module can help your teams boost efficiency and productivity as well as enhance strategic decision making processes. It provides companies with account, contact and opportunity management capabilities, sales activity tracking, order creation and processing abilities as well as automated workflows, in-depth sales performance metrics and much more.  It’s also mobile friendly.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use Workbooks CRM and Mapping Tool to boost productivity, efficiency and make more impactful strategic decisions for your business, then we encourage you to try it for free or request a demo today!

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