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Workbooks named by G2 as the High Performer in UK Mid-Market CRM Software

Workbooks was named as the only high performer in G2’s Mid-Market UK Regional Grid Report® CRM Fall 2023, ranked in third place across the region, trailing only to global super-brands Salesforce and Hubspot, but well ahead of Pipedrive, Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics.  

According to G2, products shown on the Mid-Market United Kingdom Regional Grid® for CRM are ranked by customer satisfaction (based on regional user reviews) and regional market presence (a measure of market share, seller size, and social impact) and placed into four categories. 

Workbooks featured in nine G2 reports in total, including High Performer badges in the Americas Regional Grid® report for CRM, and the Mid-Market Americas Regional Grid® Report for CRM. 

The company operates in the UK and the US and primarily serves a mid-market customer base, with strengths in media and publishing, accounting, manufacturing, and logistics. Notable customers include STV (Scottish TV), Russell Publishing, Rotary Corporation and DX Group. 

It takes a different approach to the major CRM vendors in that it offers its own product with implementation services under one roof. This means customers can customize the most relevant and risk-free CRM platform, at a cost that is usually half that of the major vendors.