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Your Introduction to the Workbooks Mapping Module

For a sales team to maintain an optimum level of productivity and drive more revenue, planning is essential.  

In the digital age, tools and insights exist to streamline sales strategies and seek out the best sources of money including visualisations that will help your sales reps map out their plans with razor-sharp efficiency and, essentially, strike gold.  

Speaking of data-driven visualization, mapping is a potent tool for modern sales reps —and we’re going to tell you why. 

What is mapping & why is it important? 

Mapping offers a visual way for modern sales reps to plan their day, week, or even month and prioritize their activities for maximum success.   

With mapping, it’s literally a case of “show me the money, show me where the money lives.”  By gaining an interactive visual insight into where the best leads lie or where the most profitable customers are you can physically map out where you should prospect and in which order, driving more sales engagement and revenue in the process.   

In addition to showing sales reps how they should be planning their sales strategy & journey, our mapping module is integrated into our CRM software. This level of integration is far more powerful than a plug-in or add-on, as it will give your sales team the tools to squeeze more juice from your sales and engagement data. 

By being able to sweat the data asset, integrated visual mapping tools will empower your sales team to make more informed, accurate, and intelligent decisions based on invaluable visual insights.  

Mapping brings data to life—and considering the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than textthis is an asset that will increase your business’s sales efficiency as well as performance across the board.  

Show me the money: mapping module use cases 

Seeing where your customers are on a map while understanding the distance between each money-making opportunity is one of the most valuable insights you can gain as a sales rep.   

To demonstrate the lead- and revenue-boosting power of our integrated mapping module, here are five real-world sales use cases from our customer base: 

Beachwear retailer 

By offering the tools to understand where regional stores (sales prospects) are on the map as well as their annual turnover, we help a beachwear brand’s sales reps seek out the most lucrative leads and manage their business development activities accordingly.   

In this case, the larger the pin on the map, the more revenue the prospective store turns over—a simple yet incredibly effective means of seeking out the money at a glance.   

Lawnmower and gardening tool manufacturer  

This manufacturer uses mapping for a panoramic snapshot of dealers/outlets in a particular region or territory using a visual key (colour coding or map pins) to identify type, size and spend.  

By doing so, the brand is able to streamline its sales efforts while using visualisation to make strategic moves, backed by concrete data. For example, they have been able to quickly justify plans for increasing teams in specific territories. 

Gift and lifestyle products business 

This business has a host of field-based sales reps. Typically, each rep plans their movements and visits for the following week on a Monday.   

To ensure their time on the road is efficient, cost-effective, and as lucrative as possible, they use our integrated mapping module to understand how to prioritize their efforts based on a visual tier system. 


This laboratory uses our mapping module for a cohesive mix of blood donor management and savvy marketing.  

To manage its blood donors, this company utilizes mapping to analyse bookings for specific times of the day or week. If there are periods of low donor bookings, it can use the mapping software to discover prospective donors in their local area and reach out to them with marketing communications and incentives to fill slots during quiet times.    

Industrial filtration business  

This business uses the Workbooks mapping module to boost its sales strategy.  

Since placing mapping at the heart of its sales activities, the business has seen great gains. Their salespeople can plan their sales trips more effectively by easily locating organisations that are close to (or on the way to) a customer they have a planned visit for. The mapping module also help them with strategic planning: by looking at where they have a high concentration of customers, they have changed sales territories and recruited new salespeople to cover those particular regionsMapping and CRM combined have helped optimize their sales operations.  

If you’re looking to streamline your sales and marketing strategy and find the money with razor-sharp efficiency, visual mapping will help you squeeze every last drop of value from your data.  

“Show me the money! Show me the money!”—Rod Tidwell, Jerry Maguire  

Our mapping innovation is embedded into our core sales CRM software, so you can drill down into a wealth of valuable record types, including individual people, entire businesses, and all relevant Workbooks metrics and insights from one central location. The geolocation element of our mapping module exists in the core database, and map positions live inside the CRM, so you can drill into any pieces of information you want and for example compare support cases between two pins for example.   

Mapping will increase your sales productivity and efficiency. To find out more about our integrated mapping module, contact us. And if you’re searching for more ways to streamline your business in the digital age, read our 5 ways to supercharge your remote team’s productivity.