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Workbooks gives you more.

Get more of what you need with Workbooks.

More for marketing.
More for sales.
More for finance.
More for customer service.

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For marketing professionals looking to run campaigns, generate more quality leads and track ROI.

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For sales teams wanting to better identify opportunities, close more deals and grow revenue.

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Order management

For finance and sales teams aiming to drive more efficiency and collect cash faster.

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Customer service

For teams aiming to deliver more value to customers and drive greater satisfaction.

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More for Marketing

Get all the tools you need to execute your marketing strategy and measure the return on your marketing investment – whatever the channels.

  •  Run effective campaigns and events from one single platform
  • Manage your team’s workload better, prioritize your marketing resource effectively and ensure your sales teams follow-up the leads most likely to convert.
  • Capture key information such as campaign ROI, lead volumes by source, lead conversion, using dashboards and reports.
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More for Sales

Bring sales excellence right to the heart of your organization

  • Capture the knowledge you need to improve sales prospecting, effectively manage opportunities, drive up conversion rates and share best practice.
  • Gain insight into your sales pipeline and performance, helping you refine the sales process and optimize each sales cycle so your sales team can forecast more effectively.
  • Analyze key metrics and evolve your strategy in response.
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More for Customer Services

Turn customer service into a competitive advantage

  • Manage customer service cases easily in a multi-channel environment, so cases and learnings are shared across web, phone, email and chat, giving the customer a consistent experience regardless of the channel they prefer.
  • Host online self-service, helping customers to find their own solutions and thus freeing up your service team to concentrate on higher value activities.
  • Build an increasingly detailed picture of agent skills and knowledge, enabling the automatic routing of cases to the agent best qualified to resolve them. 
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More for Finance

Improve sales order processing and positively impact the order-to-cash cycle

  • Create efficiency through automated data entry and processes, easy production of documents such as quotes and invoices, approval routing and much more.
  • Improve customer experience and transparency with easy access to accurate transaction documents and data both upstream (sales and marketing teams for example) and downstream (production / fulfilment teams, support teams etc.).


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