Workbooks has put together a number of Packaged Services to help you along your CRM journey and drive business success. These packages are designed to ensure you accelerate time to value and maximize your return on investment.

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Keep the CRM momentum within your organization, improve your deployment. Continue adding value and drive adoption further.

Customer Success Plus (CSP) involves you contracting (annually in advance) for a minimum number of consulting days per quarter, at a significantly lower daily rate.

You get assigned a dedicated consultant who will help you implement a roadmap of improvements to Workbooks, for example: writing reports, training, adopting some new functionality in the product which you just haven’t had time to get to grips with, making changes to an automated script etc.

For more information download our Customer Success Plus brochure.

Please note customers need to have at least 2 quarters remaining on their contract to be able to buy CSP.

Customer Success Plus Pack Price
2 days per quarter £650 per day (£5,200 per annum)
3 days per quarter £650 per day (£7,800 per annum)
4 days per quarter £600 per day (£9,600 per annum)
5 days per quarter £600 per day (£12,000 per annum)
6 days per quarter £600 per day (£14,400 per annum)


Advisory Packs are designed for customers looking for help with ad-hoc small projects or enhancements.

Each pack is worth a number of points that break down into hours, which you can use when and as you need them for any of the following:

  • Implementation advice and guidance
  • Workbooks Configuration
  • Data Migration and/or import
  • Report Writing
  • Developing Automation Scripts
  • Updating/amending Templates
  • Training

For more information download our information pack.

Advisory Pack Price
8 points (equivalent to 0.5 day) £550
16 points (1 day) £950
32 points (1 day) £1,900
48 points (3 days) £2,850
64 points (4 days) £3,800
80 points (5 days) £4,750


Make the most of your Workbooks investment. Identify quick wins and get the Workbooks delivery team to implement them.

We will run an initial remote consultation so we can understand your requirements in more detail, after which a consultant will login to your database and familiarise themselves with your current configuration. This will be followed by an onsite workshop where we’ll make changes in real-time to your configuration and reporting with you in attendance.

What’s included

  • Remote consultation
  • On-site customer workshop and follow-up
  • Simple changes to reporting and configuration


Exploit the power of Workbooks reports and dashboards. Truly track key performance indicators within your organisation.

We will run an on-site workshop with you and your team, helping you build reports and dashboards in real-time.

What’s included

  • An initial remote consultation to understand more about your reporting needs, followed by a consultant reviewing your database to understand your data structures.
  • An Onsite workshop where a consultant will sit with you and your team, helping you build the reports and dashboards you really need


Leverage the power of Adobe Sign to close sales more quickly and eliminate paperwork.

By integrating Adobe Sign you will be able to send quotes, orders and contracts to customers for electronic signature directly from within Workbooks. No need to email documents, wait for customers to print, sign, scan and return, and then for you to manually upload the final version. This whole process is managed for you. Workbooks tracks every step of the process and store all transaction documents.

What’s included

  • An initial call with a Workbooks consultant to understand your requirements.
  • Setup of the Adobe Integration.
  • Modification of existing Quotes, Orders or Contracts PDF templates to include electronic signature blocks for up to two transaction documents. If you need more than two, let us know and we can provide a price based on your requirement.
  • Remote telephone training session to explain what has been configured and how to use it.

Please note the Adobe e-sign licence is not included.


Automatically push invoices from Workbooks to Xero, saving you admin time.

By leveraging the power of Zapier, we can configure Workbooks to automatically push all ‘Posted’ Invoices into Xero. The integration will create an Invoice in Xero and will map Account codes and VAT rates. It will automatically create new customer accounts if Xero if they don’t already exist.

What’s included

  • Setting up Workbooks to support pushing invoices from Zapier to Workbooks
  • Renaming Tax Schemes to match the schemes in Zapier
  • Adding custom fields to support Accounting Codes for Products and Invoice Line items
  • Setting up and testing the Zapier Connection
  • Setup Zaps
  • Setup error reporting
  • Remote telephone training session to explain the functionality and how to identify problems

Please note the Zapier and Xero licences are not included.


Workbooks has put together a number of Packaged Services to help you along your CRM journey and drive business success. These packages are designed to ensure you accelerate time to value and maximize your return on investment.


Workbooks provide a range of Customer SuccessPlus packages to help organizations maximize business outcomes from their investment in great CRM software.

  Bronze Silver Gold
SuccessPlus Packages $7,800 $14,800 $21,000
Customer Success Manager
Consultancy Days (inclusive per annum) 8 days 16 days 24 days
Package Day Rate* ** $975 $925 $875
Additional Consultancy Days Rate** $1,175 $1,125 $1,075
Delegate rate for Workbooks training courses $975 $925 $875
Regular Shared Success Review meetings with your CSM Half-year Three per year Quarterly
Strategic Business Review Workshop Annually Annually

* These can be used to book delegates on training courses.
** N.B Workbooks standard Consultancy rate is $1,400 / day

Customer Success Plus also give you the opportunity to buy additional consultancy days (above the days included in your package) at a reduced rate. Please contact your account manager for more information.


  • A lot less expensive than the major CRM vendors (50 – 70% less)
  • A unique approach to help customers deliver the business outcomes they are looking for
  • The breadth of functionality of an enterprise solution, covering the entire lead to cash process


I’ve always found the Workbooks’ support team to be fantastic: very helpful, very accommodating, very quick to answer questions. We had a lot of good trainings. The knowledge base is fantastic, with videos and documentation online. I think the customer services side of Workbooks has been exemplary.

Fran Kidd, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Shaw Gibbs

The Workbooks Support Team are really approachable, helpful and easy to talk to. I feel like I can call them any time and they are like a dog with a bone with each issue – they would go to the end of the earth to find the right answer!

Sara, Business Operations Manager, The ExchangeLab