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Tailored services

Get more of what you need on your CRM journey.

Workbooks gives you MORE.

We're with you every step of the way – to make sure the solution works for YOU.

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Customer SuccessPlus

We provide 3 Customer SuccessPlus packages to help you maximize the ROI of your Workbooks CRM solution. Customer SuccessPlus also gives you the opportunity to buy additional consultancy days (above the days included in your package) at a reduced rate.

Bronze Silver Gold
SuccessPlus Packages $10,800 $19,200 $27,000
Customer Success Manager
Consultancy Days (inclusive per annum) 8 Days 16 Days 24 Days
Package Day Rate* ** $1,350 $1,200 $1,125
Additional Consultancy Days Rate** $1,350 $1,200 $1,125
Regular Shared Success Review meetings with your CSM Half-year Three per year Quarterly
Strategic Business Review Workshop Annually Annually
* These can be used to book delegates on training courses. ** N.B Workbooks standard Consultancy rate is $1,500 / day

Other tailored services

GoToWebinar integration
On24 integration
Adobe Sign integration
Xero integration with Zapier
Reporting workshop
Workbooks helping hands
Advisory packs
GDPR compliance

"Our business has become MORE predictable. We make MORE informed decision and we can prioritize better. We are back in control."

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"We knew from the get-go that Workbooks was the one. Workbooks was MORE flexible and allow us to work the way we want to!"

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TCMM Shutter Group

"Workbooks has become the platform we run the business on, and the efficiencies and insights that it’s generated have been transformational."

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Ultima Media

"Workbooks formed a core part of our business transformation. It’s enabled us to put customers and data at the heart of our business."

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XPS Pensions Group

"Workbooks was able to provide the CRM best suited to our needs. It has made a real difference, has generated significant revenue and enabled us to run our business MORE efficiently.”

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LLW Repository

"Workbooks has had a MORE positive impact on our organisation than we even hoped for. It’s now the platform on which we’re running most of our business."

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