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Integrating Email Marketing with CRM

In July 2017, John Cheney – CEO at Workbooks hosted a webinar to showcase the powerful combination of Email Marketing and CRM.


Typical challenges around email marketing

Marketing automation and GatorMail

Demo of the platform

1. Email is still the most important marketing tool for all of us

asset-24.pngThe webinar opened with the confirmation that despite the rise in Social Media, Paid Traffic and influencer marketing, Email Marketing still reigns king as the most important marketing tool.

There are nearly 3 times as many email accounts as there are Facebook & Twitter accounts combined.

The total number of Google, Yahoo! and Bing searches combined equals just 1.1% of all email traffic.

Most people already use an email marketing tool, creating data whilst also managing data (managing email opt-in/outs), understanding whose opened and clicked and increasingly you’ll be managing consent more (with the rise of GDPR).

2. Three tiers of information

asset-44.pngSeparate to email marketing data (name, email, email statistics) CRM holds rich data sets including pipeline status and purchasing history, all important information to guide email marketing.

Alongside this website data typically holds consent data, forms, page views and landing pages.

For many organisations managing these systems is a real challenge – exporting information from a CRM and website into an Email Marketing Platform and then pushing back can present a real challenge and mean they miss out on enhanced customer intelligence.

3. The future

asset-16.pngWorkbooks has integrated Email, CRM and Web Analytics into a single platform.

This single platform allows businesses to identify new leads, nurture prospects and engage with customers and prospects more effectively.

Key components include:


Includes a drag and drop editor, advanced HTML editor and workflow nurturing technology. You can quickly and easily send email marketing campaigns with smart content based on the data held within your CRM system or slowly nurture prospects with automated event based emails.

Web Insights

Allows you to identify who’s on your website (even if they’ve not completed a form), spot opportunities such as cold leads returning to your website or existing customers reviewing new product lines.


Easily create questionnaires or surveys to your exact specifications.

Workbooks CRM

Create refresh, recurring or series marketing campaigns, track custom URL’s, monitor nurturing emails, website visits, customer support records, transaction data and lead/sales process management.



Why it’s essential to combine Email Marketing with CRM

With the rise of GDPR, enhanced customer intelligence and rising expectations for smart marketing, it’s now become essential for businesses to seamlessly integrate Email Marketing with CRM and website data furthermore by doing so businesses can open up the doors for enhanced customer intelligence, spend less time on admin, increase leads and boost marketing ROI.

Sound exciting? Contact us today to book a demo.