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Membership CRM for Trade Associations and Membership

Workbooks is a cloud-based system that gives you more than just membership management. We go beyond CRM to support the membership management and commercial activities of Trade Associations and Membership Organizations.

But what does this look like?

In practice, our fully integrated cloud-based solution will help your team keep data current, improve member communications, manage the commercial activities of your organization and track management KPIs from one convenient platform. Let’s explore some of the benefits of using Workbooks for membership CRM.


Subscription Management

The Workbooks membership CRM feature enables you to track and manage your members and their subscription renewals. You can create different membership levels with different prices and currencies, and even integrate Workbooks CRM with your website, creating a portal so that your members can update their details and pay their subscription online.

Dynamic reports and dashboards allow you to monitor renewal levels, and you can use automation features to automatically send members an email when their subscriptions are due.

Invoices created in Workbooks can be easily synchronized with Sage, Quickbooks and other accounting systems. In fact, our platform is one of the few CRM solutions that can integrate with almost any other software — explore our range of popular integrations.


Membership CRM Management & Communication

Track details of all your members, the groups they belong to, their areas of interests, social media details, accreditations, certifications and CPD.

With Workbooks, you can see all the activities, emails, cases, opportunities and transactions you have ever had with a given member, with full visibility of all the people and organizations you deal with, at a glance.

This 360⁰ view of your contacts can significantly help you to shape your membership interactions, contributing toward improving your member experience and encouraging service loyalty.


Outlook Integration

Workbooks is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, enabling you to share emails you send and receive directly with Workbooks. You can also synchronize your calendar, tasks and contacts between Outlook and Workbooks, ensuring all customer communication is captured in the CRM system for one-stop visibility.


Website Integration

Workbooks easily integrates with your website, enabling you to create a membership portal for subscription payments, donations, news and information and even online shopping. Plus, you can improve your members’ website experience by tailoring content based on attributes stored in your CRM database.


Membership Inquiries

The case management tool enables you to track all your member inquiries in a fully integrated CRM platform. In addition to the traditional ‘over the phone’ approach, our Email2case and Web2case features allow your members to raise inquiries online or via email without having to re-enter the details.

All cases are automatically allocated a reference number and can be assigned to groups or individuals for workflow management, prioritization and tracking.

Templates allow you to create answers to common questions, reducing the time you spend answering simple queries and improving the service you provide.


Commercial Activity

Track all your commercial activities, such as advertising, sponsorships and events inside Workbooks. You can track donations, sales opportunities, build a pipeline, process orders and generate invoices all from one platform.


Marketing Campaigns, Conferences and Events

Workbooks makes it easy to sort and segment your data and then build outbound communication campaigns to reach your members. The platform includes our own bulk emailing tool, or you can use one of many integrated email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, dotdigital or Constant Contact.

Workbooks campaign management integrates the promotion and management of conferences and events with all of your relevant contacts, including existing members, prospective and lapsed members, associated organizations and suppliers. Ultimately, this will ensure all of your events are successful — and you’re able to bring previous leads back into the pipeline, supporting an integrated sales strategy.

Workbooks also enables you to associate costs and supplier transaction documents with a Campaign, so you can track which activities convert into membership activity, donations and renewals. This allows you to accurately measure the return on your marketing investment across different functions, identifying which are of highest value, and inform your wider marketing strategy.


Simple CPD Tracking

With Workbooks, it couldn’t be simpler to track your members’ continuous professional development. Use activity records to easily monitor any training courses and events that your members have attended, giving you complete visibility of their entire CPD history. This includes the total number of CPD points that they’ve earned in a given period.

You can also report on this activity for better prediction of your members’ future CPD needs, and to support cross-selling or upselling of future courses and events using historical data.


Get Started with Workbooks for Membership Management

If you’re looking for an integrated CRM platform that can support your membership management needs, we can help. Workbooks helps trade associations and membership organizations of every scale to centralize member information, track and analyze activities, and inform all future engagements.

This way, you’ll gain unparalleled visibility into member activity— and the insights that could drive higher satisfaction and retention.

To see what Workbooks could do for your membership management, book a demo with a member of the team today.

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