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Workbooks Adds Enhanced Data Quality Capabilities To Its CRM Suite

 More accurate data to make informed decisions  

Reading, 6th May 2021 – Maintaining the quality of customer and prospect data inside a CRM platform can be a huge and time-consuming challenge for businesses.  

Workbooks, the cloud-based CRM vendor, today announces the launch of Workbooks DQ (Data Quality), a powerful and flexible tool to drive data quality for improved data trust, decision making and more efficient processes. 

In the age of automation and AI, data accuracy is becoming increasingly critical. With data flowing in automatically from websites, data being imported from third-party data sources or manually inputted by sales representatives, it is easy to end up with duplicate records. For call centre operatives, tech support engineers, marketers or sales representatives inaccurate and duplicated data create frustration, cost and inefficiencies. It makes it difficult for businesses to get the right insights from their data resulting in poor decision making. How does a business really know what their customers purchasing patterns are if those customers are allowed to have multiple loyalty accounts? From the customer service team referring to someone by the wrong name, to the boardroom decisions based on messy data, businesses today simply cannot use poor data as a foundation for running their operations.   

Workbooks DQ is a new tool in the Workbooks Suite and incorporates technology from DQ Global, a leading provider of data quality solutions. The module is fully integrated into the Workbooks platform and provides a range of deduplication and data quality tools. Workbooks DQ solves this problem by identifying duplicate records en masse, defining merging rules and automating the process.  

“We are excited to partner with Workbooks, to incorporate our CRM data management capabilities.  Workbooks users can now benefit from our advanced Match, Master and Merge functionality, to create and maintain a single customer view leading to reduced waste, better informed decisions and better business outcomes.” says Martin Doyle, CEO of DQ Global. 

John Cheney, CEO of Workbooks adds: “With Workbooks DQ, large volumes of duplicate records and inaccurate data are a thing of the past. Teams across the business are able to merge records in bulk, undo the merge if needs be and deduplicate automatically. This enables businesses to be more efficient and to make informed decisions. With more accurate data comes a better customer experience as the quality of interactions across every touchpoint is enhanced. This new tool is the perfect addition for our mid-market audience looking to optimise their business operations”.