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Workbooks introduces Workbooks 4.7 – With a New Year comes a New Release

Reading, England, (21st January 2016) Workbooks are pleased to announce Workbooks 4.7 the latest release of their award winning CRM platform.

Following from customer feedback this update includes many new features including multi-lingual capabilities, Zapier app integration, data management and reporting enhancements.

Multi-lingual support

To support our international clients with offices around the world, Workbooks has added multi-lingual functionality to their CRM platform. Translations for French, German, Spanish and English American are provided in this release, the platform can support any other languages, including multi-byte character sets. Addition translations will be provided based on customer demand. Translation support enables clients to use different languages for field names, record names and also values held in pick lists and data tables.

Zapier Integration

The Workbooks CRM platform has been connected with Zapier (a tool with access to over 500+ apps), making it possible for their customers to now connect the apps they use to their CRM to get more out of their data and automate additional tasks. John Cheney Workbooks CEO added Zapier provides us with an effective integration hub to connect Workbooks to applications like Xero, Quickbooks and Trello, helping our clients streamline business processes.

De-duplication and Merging

Data quality is vital for businesses to manage their customers and prospects effectively. Workbooks has improved its automated identification of duplicates and implemented an easy to use merge wizard so their customers can improve their data quality.

Other Improvements

This release also saw improvements to the reporting engine, including the introduction of targets and conditional formatting and colour coding. In addition the Workbooks campaign module and mailshots tools were enhanced to improve usability.


About Workbooks

Workbooks delivers award-winning CRM and business applications to the mid-market, at an affordable price and with functionality that transforms business.

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