5 ways to get the most out of your CRM

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If you’ve recently implemented a CRM and aren’t sure how you are going to get the best return on your investment, we’ve listed TC Facilities Management’s Fiona Ellingham’s 5 top tips for continually getting the most out of your CRM.

Make sure you understand your CRM requirements.

It sounds obvious, but before you do anything, you need to get a handle on what you want your CRM to do. It’s important not to limit this part of the process as you could be left with a CRM system that doesn’t work for your business and doesn’t have the uptake and ROI you had planned. Make sure whichever provider you choose it has an implementation process that works with you to tailor the end system to suit your direct needs. Don’t be afraid to be pushy with this either if you don’t think what they’re suggesting is going to work for you let them know and come up with a new solution.

Focus on data integrity

Part of this implementation process should be defining the way in which you’re going to get your current data wherever it is stored into the CRM system. Ensuring that everything matches across both systems to ensure a seamless move across and that nothing is lost.

Document throughout the process

By documenting the complete process from start to finish that each team goes through to complete a task you can architect your CRM to have all of the information that each team needs available on one screen – which will minimise the number of clicks that each user will have to make to find information. By doing this you can ensure that nothing gets lost in your transition. It’s important to continually do these as well so you can move onto step 5…

Continually improve with internal reviews and reassessment

Set a time frame to step back from the system see where it has helped you grow and where you want to go next. Highlight areas where you think you need some extra professional services support from your supplier or could use the system in a different way. Also, plan ahead – If there are major changes in your company strategy set for the following year is your CRM going to be able to handle these? Has it got the functionality?

Continually re-train to maintain effectiveness

Don’t assume that everyone knows the system the same way that you do. Find out from different users how they have used the system and what short cuts they have been able to find to make the system work better for them. You can then use these as best practices for the wider team to further reduce admin time and improve your CRM’s effectiveness.

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