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Customer Survey Results 2023

Unveiling the Results of the 2023 Workbooks Customer Survey

Customer feedback is vital to any SaaS business, including ours.  Let’s explore why this feedback is so significant:

1. To enhance the quality of your Products

Listening to the views of customers provides valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your products.  It helps providers identify existing areas that require improvement as well as brand new products to enhance the core offering.  No matter how much you love your products and work hard to develop them, there is nearly always scope for improvement.  By soliciting and analysing this feedback, SaaS businesses can identify emerging customer requirements and adapt their product roadmap accordingly, ultimately making things better for your customers and your prospects.

At Workbooks, we want to grow with our customers and flex to meet their business needs, so we were delighted that so many responses rated our platform as meeting their needs excellently or well.

2. To show that you take a customer-centric approach and care for your customers

By actively seeking and valuing customer feedback, SaaS businesses demonstrate their commitment to putting the customer at the heart of their operations.  Talking to customers and, more importantly, listening to their comments, allows companies to address issues promptly, resolve concerns and ensure a positive customer experience.  This, in turn, increases customer retention and reduces churn.

3. To build brand advocacy

Hopefully, the feedback you receive is positive and you get a high Net Promoter Score, all of which you can shout about on social media and within marketing collateral to promote your brand and improve your market presence.  If the feedback isn’t as great as you’d hoped, treat it as a benchmark and measure the improvement in feedback over time.  A spin-off benefit is that seeking customer feedback can lead to organic growth through positive word-of-mouth recommendations, expanding the customer base further.

4. To assess the impact your teams have on customer experience

In a competitive marketplace, it’s important to have a good product offering and in a SaaS world, it’s just as important to ensure that customers are happy with the services they receive from you and the interactions they have with your customer-facing teams.  Does your Support team resolve issues promptly?  Are your Account Managers and Customer Success Teams building rapport and adding value?  The feedback you get from Customer Surveys can help you focus efforts where they’re needed within your business.

5. To identify any adoption challenges

In the subscription world of SaaS, ensuring that your product has been well-adopted is vital to ensure your customers stay with you and derive the best ROI possible  Asking questions about how well used the different areas of your product are gives useful insights into the areas that are well or not so well embedded within your customer base.

6. To remain up-to-date with market trends

No matter which part of the SaaS market you operate it, it’s growing and evolving all the time with new entrants regularly bursting onto the scene with innovative technologies and infinite variations on a theme.  Collecting feedback from your customers can give you a whole new tranche of researchers, ready and willing to update you on market changes.  Staying abreast of these changes allows you to take action to change your products and services, preventing them from becoming outdated and helping you retain your existing customer base as well as winning new ones.

When we designed our 2023 Survey, we aligned our questions with those we use within our Account Management team to help us categorise customers into those who are in really good shape and those who might need a bit more help and attention.  We were delighted with the results and are grateful to those of our customers who participated.  We’ll still work hard to get even better results next year but in the meantime, you can see the highlights of this year’s feedback below.