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CRM for Media & Publishing

The Media & Publishing industry is in a state of transformation, with new players continuously entering the market, leaving consumers spoilt for choice.

The keys to driving subscriptions, content engagement, advertising revenues and ultimately sales in this industry is changing, and to compete and stay relevant, organisations must evolve and leverage the right technology.

Audience Insight

Media & Publishing businesses must focus on putting the audience first.

Imagine having a single 360-degree view of your audience and knowing who the key segments are, what they want, when and how they want it.

With such insight, you can develop a true data-driven strategy for your business for both your subscribers and your advertisers. You can easily monetise your products and services and expand your revenue stream.

You can understand which target segments are most likely to convert, what content is most likely to resonate, and you can better drive advertising sales on your properties – you can prove and demonstrate why your advertising space is ideal for brands to spend their advertising budget.

Workbooks CRM can help you manage your audience effectively and provide insight to help you reach the right audience and to increase viewership or subscriptions, downloads, conference ticket sales, and more. CRM can help you increase your ad revenue and drive better customer service.

Manage Relationships

As a Media & Publishing business, your eco-system is complex.

It includes your subscribers on one side, and on the other the advertising brands (the end client), the advertising agencies and the media buyers. In order to complete an advert sale, you’ll be dealing with different individuals within those organisations, from commercial (for media buying) to marketing teams and designers for the production and tracking of the ad itself, to order processing and finance, etc.

Keeping track of the relationships between each of those and how they are connected can be a real challenge. How do you track interdependence? How do you record the connection of people to organisations, advertising projects and sales orders? How do you know who to engage with in relation to what aspect of the process?

Workbooks CRM can easily support such complexity and provide you with the right accurate information at your fingertips – ensuring the best experience possible. Workbooks CRM can help you track and manage efficiently relationships between clients, agencies & their media buyers and correlate this to your audience data too – all within the same tool.

Market and Sell Smarter

Sales teams need easy access to information, deep customer insights and the tools to close deals quickly and efficiently. They need real-time data to drive quick decision-making.

Sales reps need a complete understanding of brands, agencies, and media companies’ information and they need to combine that information with subscribers’ information in order to differentiate their properties and product offerings.

All of this information can be easily managed in Workbooks CRM and thanks to a mobile app, sales reps can access the right information anywhere, anytime.

You can track your company’s activity, interaction & communication with your customers. You can shorten sales cycles through effective management and assessment of leads and opportunities in your sales pipeline. You can track performance of your sales team members. You can track conversion rates through the sales cycle and you can forecast accurately.

With Workbooks CRM, it is easy to identify cross-sell/ upsell opportunities. You can easily segment clients by for example products they currently buy and those they don’t, identify clients who have stopped buying or are buying less than they used to and understand your share of wallet in each of your customers.

Sales reps can leverage Workbooks Marketing Automation suite too. They can leverage Workbooks GatorMail to send personalised emails and connect with prospects early in the sales cycle. They can use Workbooks Web analytics to gain valuable insight on prospects behaviour or interest and tailor their sales strategy accordingly.

To support the sales effort, Marketing can send targeted and personalised emails, such as subscription offers.

Potential subscribers are easily identified and effectively marketed to.
Marketing can easily determine ROI on marketing campaigns and view response rates to quickly identify successful tactics. They can track KPIs, email open and click-through rates, the status of leads and sales opportunities associated with a particular campaign.

Using the Workbooks Event Management Module, you can manage live conferences, including sessions, speakers, sponsors, delegates, communications, online payment etc. No need to integrate a third-party event management tool to your CRM any more – you have everything available on one platform, saving your team time and money.

Workbooks CRM gives you the tools to do business more efficiently and effectively, and engage with customers more deeply. Your business can focus on the right opportunities at the right time, driving revenue growth. You can market and sell smarter.

Operational Efficiency

In a nutshell, you can streamline your operations and drive efficiency throughout the entire lead to cash process.

With Workbooks CRM, every department has access to client, advertiser, prospect and agency data in real-time to collaborate and drive the best customer experience possible.

And you can increase productivity and efficiency through automating processes. It’s easy to automate subscription renewal reminders to prevent lost sales. You can create processes that stop unauthorised discounts, ensuring quotes are given in line with the approved rate cards.

Order management, commissions and discount management, document generation including contracts and invoices etc. and after sales service can be easily managed using Workbooks CRM, reducing operational overheads and human error, ensuring customers get what they ordered.

Workbooks CRM allows Media & Publishing companies to thrive by enabling operational excellence and enabling them to manage their audience efficiently and effectively.

With Workbooks CRM, you can deepen your audience engagement, whatever the channels, and drive value for your customers.

  • 360 degree view of advertisers and subscribers to service them efficiently and effectively
  • Management complexity of eco-system: clients, media buyer, agency
  • Access to information anytime, anywhere (mobile app)
  • Sales and Marketing management
  • Automation and Workflows
  • Report and analysis for better decision making
  • Marketing Automation
  • Event management
  • Sales order processing / invoicing