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Developing a fail safe advertising strategy with CRM

Type: #PR

The proliferation of media outlets and the deluge of online content mean consumers now have much greater choice, and as a result, publishers and media owners are battling for share of voice and sight. Long gone are the days of selling column inches, today’s publishers must offer multi-channel advertising models comprising everything from roundtables, events and end-to-end digital campaigns, if they are to capture the attention of companies.

At the same time, advertisers have started to demand a clearer return on investment (ROI) and proof of engagement, which has required the tracking of metrics such as clickthroughs, dwell times, and viewable engagement. As a result, advertising sales has become a much more complex business, yet many publishers are still reliant on rudimentary processes and systems.

The multi-channel nature of advertising sales means that all the different areas of a publishing business need to be integrated to work together effectively and create visibility across the sales, marketing and finance functions. Publishers must unite teams to boost advertising revenue, increase content engagement and demonstrate clear ROI.