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Triangle Information Management implements Workbooks CRM to support rapid growth

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6th July 2017, London, UK: Triangle Information Management Ltd. went live with its first CRM solution in March, and the company is already reporting that Workbooks CRM is driving efficiencies, enhancing the customer experience, providing invaluable business insight and intelligence, and helping Triangle take the next step in its growth.


Triangle is a business intelligence and analytics consultancy. As an IBM business partner, Triangle helps companies from SMEs through to corporates such as Thomas Cook, Norgine, BAE Systems and EMI Music Publishing solve business problems, through a better understanding and use of data – allowing businesses to make informed decisions.

Triangle assists its clients with every aspect of creating a business analytics platform, from understanding the data, building a well-structured data warehouse, through to building reports, visualisations and dashboards that provide clear visibility of key performance indicators.


Launched in 2007, the business has experienced rapid growth, which needed to be managed. Jason Latham, Head of Service Delivery, says “As the number of developers and consultants deployed grew, it became more difficult to keep track of where they were assigned, for how long and to which customer project. This lack of visibility on service delivery was consuming more and more time driving a largely manual process and was beginning to become error prone”.

Chris Lewis, Managing Director, agrees, “It was pretty clear we needed some resource planning software to manage our services team, however CRM was a lower priority. I knew CRM was needed at some point as our data was stored in several data silos including Windows Filesystems, SharePoint and Office365, making it difficult to have a consolidated view. This was manageable when the business was smaller but as it grew, it became obvious we needed to adopt more mature systems to support the business.”

After reviewing several resource planning products, Chris & Jason were pleasantly surprised to discover that with Workbooks they could address both their resource planning requirement and their CRM need with an all-in-one solution.


Chris says, “As soon as we saw a single platform that was capable of covering resource planning, conventional CRM and the customer support helpdesk, with integration to SageOne to streamline invoicing and reconciliation, we were very interested. When we looked in greater detail at the Workbooks platform and engaged with the team, we were able to visualise the possibilities.”

“There were quite a few features that appealed,” adds Jason. “Workbooks is cloud-based, so we didn’t need to consider additional hardware for running the system. We liked the look and feel, plus the ability to customise and map our processes into Workbooks. We could integrate with SageOne at a later date so financial transactions could be seamlessly passed between Sage and Workbooks. The data import from legacy systems was relatively painless and by centralising our processes around Workbooks, information about clients, opportunities, projects and support was then visible to the whole team.”

He adds: “As our consultants spend a lot of time on-site with clients, the ability to complete timesheets and enter expenses remotely is important. However, more than anything else, we liked the way Workbooks made it easy for us. They worked closely with us to understand our requirements and tailor the system to deliver what we wanted. They quickly became trusted partners whose experience and guidance ensured us a successful implementation.”


The implementation has been successful, and Triangle now has all the information on its customers, prospects and suppliers in one place. Website enquiries automatically create new leads in the CRM, and Workbooks helps the sales team process the opportunity through to quote, order and contract records. The services team then takes over, recording all information on delivery of the project including timesheets and expenses, which provides the finance team with everything they need to run invoices every month.

It has all happened rapidly from making the decision to use Workbooks in August 2016 to go-live in March 2017, but it has not been rushed. Both Chris and Jason spent time one-on-one with all 20 users providing focused training to make it simple and encourage adoption.

They report that Workbooks is now delivering significant benefits to the organisation. “Our consultants use pre-defined picklists to enter information so we’re more able to analyse the data,” says Jason. “This gives us far greater visibility of which projects our consultants have been working on and the time allocated to different activities, which allows us to reconcile accurately with the project and financial data, and make informed decisions about future activity.”


The next steps in Triangle’s CRM journey will see Workbooks being configured to enhance resource planning, produce more reliable revenue forecasts and manage business growth more effectively. The aim is to improve business operations further and make revenues more predictable.

“We had grown fast so we needed better business systems in place,” says Chris. “Rather than wasting hours wading through manual processes and hiring an army of administrators to keep everything working, we now have Workbooks that simplifies our sales, project, service and finance administration, and gives us visibility of our key performance indicators.”

He concludes, “Workbooks has quickly become pivotal to the running of our business, and in the months ahead it will become even more so, supporting our growth and allowing us to optimise every aspect of the business.”