Spreadsheets alternatives – Workbooks CRM


Outgrown spreadsheets?With Workbooks you can streamline processes, automate time consuming manual tasks, reduce duplication of effort and data entry, and get better visibility into performance across your entire business, from sales to fulfilment to invoicing.Below are some of the reasons [...]

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Membership CRM for Trade Associations and Membership


A next-generation system that gives you more than just membership managementWorkbooks extends beyond CRM to support the membership management and commercial activities of Trade Associations and Membership Organisations.Keep your data current, improve member communication, manage the commercial activities of your [...]

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CRM Software: The complete guide – benefits, advice & providers


  What is CRM Software?   Darrell Rigby, Frederick F. Reichheld & Phil Schefter suggest: "CRM aligns business processes with customer strategies to build customer loyalty and increase profits over time." Rigby et al. (2002).   In practice customer [...]

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Cloud computing – Serving or complicating small business?


Over of the past ten years Cloud Computing has drifted from a term used almost exclusively by the IT elite to the technology behind your elderly parents smart phone.   Consumers and businesses have embraced the new technology and so [...]

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Workbooks Wisdom – August


At Workbooks, we believe that sharing knowledge is crucial to success, and we want you to enjoy using our software to enable you to complete your day-to-day role with ease. Workbooks Wisdom is here to save the day bringing you [...]

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