Thursday 8th December 2016, London, UK: Workbooks Online Limited today announces the launch of its Mapping Module, which allows CRM users to plot records from within Workbooks on a map. The module is designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of CRM users.

With the new module priced at £5 per user / per month, Workbooks continues to fulfill its strategy of providing high-quality software to small and mid-size organizations, at a low price point.

The Mapping Module gives users the ability to view the location of records such as Leads, Opportunities, People, Organizations or Cases on a map. With one simple click, it makes it possible to compare the location of one customer to other nearby customers, or to see which customers are within a certain distance of a point – enabling better routing and trip planning around a particular location.

Users can filter and report on Workbooks CRM data and change the view of a grid or list to a map view. They can filter using a postcode, an object reference of a record in Workbooks CRM or an arbitrary value like ‘City’ or ‘County’. They can also plot records from within a range (within ‘x’ miles of X).

This module is a particularly useful tool for anyone who is off-site visiting customers. Sales representatives can schedule and plan their prospecting visits in a much more effective way. The module enables heat maps, territory mapping and trip planner.

For service engineers, it can help define how to best address the service cases that are open on a given day, ensuring the best routing possible, ultimately reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

Reinforcing mid-market value for money

John Cheney, CEO of Workbooks says: “The Mapping Module reinforces our commitment to value for money for the mid-market: functionally rich, part of the Workbooks core CRM platform – which means no integration to third party tools required, at a fraction of the cost of other leading CRM vendors.”

Rob O’Connell, Sales & Marketing Director US & India Operations at Russell Finex Ltd, says: “I see many benefits of using the Workbooks Mapping Module. Our sales people can plan their sales trips more effectively, by easily locating organisations that are close to (or on the way to) a customer they have a planned visit for.

The module will also help us with strategic planning. By looking at where we have a high concentration of customers, we might want to locate a new Russell Finex Sales person to address that particular region. Sales optimisation is a priority and we are welcoming the addition of this new module to our CRM.”

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