Get more from your CRM

Get more from your CRM

Practical advice on how to get more out of your CRM software.


The Exponential Growth of Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing has risen from an unheard of terminology to the base technology powering Dropbox, Amazon & Gmail.
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But just how fast is Cloud Computing actually growing? Which are the best c ...

Customer Services

Putting the Customer at the Heart of Customer Service

Is customer service the weak link in your business model? Why create a slick and sophisticated sales and marketing model to acquire customers, only to lose them as a result of a bad customer services experience? Good customer service is essential to:
Improve retention rates.
Ensure customers ...

Customer Services

The top Customer Service reports to have on your CRM dashboard

Reports and dashboards give you a powerful insight into past and current performance. In today's environment it is critical to be proactive. You can use your dashboards and reports to be reactive and act on trends straight away.
From a customer service perspective it is vital to check the average ...

Customer Services

Workbooks Wisdom - April

At Workbooks, we believe that sharing knowledge is crucial to success, and we want you to enjoy using our software to enable you to complete your day-to-day role with ease. Workbooks Wisdom is here to save the day bringing you monthly tips and tricks to enable you to do just that. See below for Apr ...

Customer Services partners with made4cloud in Australia

Reading, England, (23rd April 2015) today announced a partnership with made4cloud in Australia to resell Workbooks CRM as part of its portfolio of business software and consulting services.
made4cloud is a technology company specialising in cloud-based software solutions for sm ...