How to be agile and drive efficiency


The most successful businesses are agile, they are efficient, and they seamlessly synchronise the vital functions of marketing, sales and customer service, presenting a unified and coordinated front to customers. The only sustainable way to achieve this level of [...]

How to be agile and drive efficiency2019-07-24T15:49:46+01:00

5 ways CRM can help improve your sales team’s performance


Sometimes it can be hard to put your finger on just why your sales team isn’t hitting the mark, but don’t worry not all is lost. CRM will not only help you identify areas of improvement but also help boost [...]

5 ways CRM can help improve your sales team’s performance2019-07-25T11:28:20+01:00

CRM for Accountancy


The accountancy landscape is undergoing dramatic changes. Downwards price pressures and commoditisation of compliance services, digital transformation, increased competition and clients’ changing expectations are shaking up the profession [...]

CRM for Accountancy2019-02-06T11:47:49+01:00