Motivate Your Sales Team with Lead Rating

Using CRM lead rating to motivate salespeople yields larger returns and profits.

Lead What?

“So, what is lead scoring? Simple, it’s a relative ranking of one prospective lead against another.” – Steve Gershik, The Innovative Marketeer.

You set a list of criteria, to help you figure out which customers are hot prospects and worth additional sales efforts. Essentially, you identify who is most likely to make a purchase from your company.

Why lead rate with CRM?

CRM lead rating, or scoring, is useful because it:

  • Identifies customers likely to make a purchase.
  • Identifies customers unlikely to make a purchase.
  • Allows efforts to be focused and prioritised based on these rates.

“Companies that get lead scoring right have a 192% higher average lead qualification rate than those that do not” – Aberdeen Research.

And then?

That’s lead rating sorted. What about the motivation promise?

From the point-of-view of your salespeople:

  • Wasted sales effort is demotivating.
  • Constant refusals are demotivating.
  • Knowing in advance that a customer is likely to say ‘yes’ is motivating.
  • Knowing there is a good chance of closing a sale means there is a greater chance of making commission – great motivation!