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If your sales team is in need of motivation, new software could be the answer…

Want better sales results? Of course you do!

Getting the right CRM solution can transform your sales team, in terms of:

  • How they work.
  • Their motivation levels.
  • The results they get.

Not convinced yet? Read on for our top 5 reasons for investing in a Cloud CRM solution…

 asset-3.pngReason 1. Save Time

The right CRM solution can automate time-consuming, but important, tasks such as:

  • Scheduling sales appointments.
  • Sending follow-up letters and emails.
  • Tracking contacts.
  • Updating sales opportunities.

The right CRM system can give you ‘web2lead’ functionality – which means you can automatically manage leads from your website. They can then be assigned to the relevant sales queue or sales rep, efficiently organising how you manage your lead opportunities.

Reason 2. Improve Customer Service

asset-14.pngThe best CRM solutions integrate marketing, sales, finance and customer support activities to give a holistic view of the customer relationship.

So with all of this information at their fingertips, your sales team can have better informed conversations with your customers and, therefore, can deliver a better customer experience. Your sales team has immediate access to marketing data to see who’s been sent what, and whether they responded to it. No customer wants to receive a call from the sales team if they’ve just been on the phone to support with an issue.The right CRM analyses a customer’s recent activity, and makes sure this doesn’t happen.

By keeping the finance team in the loop as well, your sales team can see if their customers are paying up on time and step in to help if there is an issue. A tardy payer will be much less likely to fob off someone they have a relationship with than an unknown caller from finance.

asset-17.pngReason 3. Increase Revenue

Freeing your sales team from mundane admin tasks means they can make more sales calls, which:

  • Generates more income for the company.
  • Generates more income for the team member.
  • Increases employee satisfaction and profits.

CRM can also easily reveal which customers deliver the most profits or buy the widest breadth of products. This information means your sales team can focus on promoting the most relevant products or services based on a customer’s purchasing history.

“Over 62% of people polled in the UK held a deep rooted cynicism towards companies and felt that companies are only interested in selling products and services but not necessarily the product or service that is right for the consumer.”

Socializing CRM eGuide

icon-2.pngReason 4. Improve Opportunity Management

CRM can help improve opportunity management with:

  • Competitive intelligence features that track competitors’ activities so your sales teams can spot – and act on – competitive threats and opportunities.
  • Information from online queries or the website fed into the CRM automatically for speedy follow-up and an increased chance of conversion.
  • Tools that allow you to track potential customers, their executives and activities, as well as any meetings and possible matches between your offerings and prospects’ needs.
  • Integrated marketing materials, research reports or data from other disparate sources to better equip salespeople.

Only 6% have integrated their CRM with social data.

Scribe Software research of 300 IT and business leaders, quoted on IT Business Edge.

asset-20.pngReason 5. Manage Sales Teams Better

With the right CRM, Sales managers have:

  • Immediate access to each salesperson’s activities, opportunities, sales figures, customer complaints and other metrics used for measuring success and sales revenue.
  • Tools to develop sales reps’ territories, without running the risk of too much – or too little – coverage in a given area.
  • The ability to select the optimal individual to follow-up on a particular lead, based on geography, expertise, performance or availability. By immediately connecting prospect and salesperson, a lead is more likely to become engaged, and ultimately buy.
  • The ability to spot potential issues, such as an under-performing team member, and take steps to address them before they become a problem.

Research by Towers Perrin indicates that highly engaged sales employ­ees gener­ate 19% higher oper­at­ing income.

Research quoted on

So, we’re sure you’re convinced now – CRM for sales really can transform your results!