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Two factor authentication with Workbooks and Google Apps

Workbooks Support Posted: 2012-04-17 10:35

Most Workbooks customers access their accounts using their email address and a password in the traditional way. To make it secure Workbooks comes configured with password complexity requirements, controls to prevent password reuse, and limits on failed login attempts. In addition you can configure Workbooks to only accept logins from certain IP addresses.

Customers who want some extra piece of mind can implement two-factor authentication with Workbooks by using it in conjunction with Google Apps two-step verification process. Google describe it here


Two-step verification is easy to set up, manage and use. When enabled by an administrator, it requires two means of identification to sign in to a Google Apps account, something you know: a password, and something you have: a mobile phone. It doesn't require any special tokens or devices. After entering your password, a verification code is sent to your mobile phone via SMS, voice calls, or generated on an application you can install on your Android, BlackBerry or iPhone device. This makes it much more likely that you're the only one accessing your data: even if someone has stolen your password, they'll need more than that to access your account. You can also indicate when you're using a computer you trust and don't want to be asked for a verification code from that machine in the future.


To set this up you need to:

  1. Sign up for Google Apps and configure it to use the two-step verification process.
  2. Add Workbooks to your Google Apps domain (it's in the Google Apps marketplace).
  3. Login to Workbooks using Google Apps.

By using Google Apps with Workbooks you also get some neat features for example being able to create Google Docs from within Workbooks and share their contents with your customers - this is a great way to collaborate.

Configuring the two-step verification process begins at the Dashboard in Google Apps - choose Advanced Tools and select Two-step verification (click to enlarge):

Now each user can turn on the feature in their Google profile:

Choose two step verification in the Google Profile

The next step is optional: add Workbooks to your Google Apps domain (search the marketplace and add it, granting Workbooks permission to access various data in Google Apps). If you have done this your Google Apps menu will contain a link to Workbooks.

Either way, you can now login by entering your domain name here: