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Common Email Errors

If you prefer to use an SMTP server to send emails from Workbooks, an email account has to be configured in Workbooks containing your SMTP server details, such as name and port. The Workbooks server connects to your SMTP server using the provided server name and port specified. If the SMTP server accepts the message from Workbooks, it will then send an email out. 

If emails fail to send from Workbooks, there could be a few reasons causing this. Your SMTP server might not be configured to accept messages from Workbooks servers or the authentication type may not be recognised. It could also be that the Workbooks server is unable to find your SMTP server using the provided server name or that email credentials within your Workbooks email account are wrong. When the SMTP server rejects the message from Workbooks, it often returns a specific SMTP error with a code as shown below, this indicates what the problem is. 


Unfortunately, different servers sometimes use these codes in a different way, making it difficult to identify the exact reason why emails are failing to send. 

The guide below provides a list of the most common errors experienced by Workbooks users. Please select your error from the options below to find out what typically causes it, and steps that you should take to resolve it. 

NOTE: After entering a password within the Authentication area of Email Accounts and clicking Save, the password will appear blank. Therefore, every time a change is made to these settings you will need to re-enter the password before saving the change, otherwise, the password field will be saved without any value.