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Workbooks Mobile Client

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Workbooks Mobile is an application based on HTML5 and JavaScript and has been designed to enable the use of Workbooks whilst using your phone. The application is built on top of the Workbooks API and thus, the security features of the Workbooks Desktop are maintained on your mobile.

For example, if you have read-only access to a record on the desktop, you will still only be able to read the record in the mobile application.

The Workbooks Mobile app is only currently available if you have a data connection (mobile or Wi-Fi) to the Internet and the performance of the application is dependent upon the quality of your connection so it is advisable to use Wi-Fi where possible.

The mobile client is designed for users who are on the move so many of the features that are included in the desktop version of Workbooks are not available. These include but are not limited to:

  • Logging into Workbooks: Google ID is not supported. You will need to know your Workbooks login email and password to use Workbooks Mobile.
  • Record Types: Marketing Campaigns and Forecasts are not included. Reports are read only and must be added to a Dashboard to access them via Workbooks Mobile.
  • Form Layouts: Mobile specific layouts must be created by your System Administrator before using the app. Mobile Form Layouts will only support 1 column. Some field types including iFrame and URL fields are not available.
  • Views: Calendar Views are not available on Workbooks Mobile and thus you'll need to configure suitable views before using the app.
  • Process Automation: Button Process scripts are not available on Workbooks Mobile, including On Save actions.
  • Sales Leads: The Save & Convert functionality is not available from Leads on the app.
  • Transaction Documents (including Opportunities): Line items on Workbooks Mobile are not available, you can only edit the document header.
  • Products: Product records are not available on the Workbooks Mobile app.
  • Attachments: You are unable to attach files to emails (iPhone only). Attachments are not visible on notes.

Further detail on each of the above bullet points can be found on our Using the Mobile App and Other Information pages.

Supported Devices

The Workbooks Mobile app is based upon a well-known library known as Sencha Touch. This means that other applications you already use may have a similar look and feel to Workbooks Mobile.

The app is available on Apple's App Store and Google Play for Android devices. If you are not using an Apple iPhone or an Android device, any mobile with access to a web browser should still be able to access the Workbooks Mobile app by directing a browser to

Sencha Touch may change which devices are supported from time to time thus it is recommended that you refer to their documentation to see if your particular device is supported, see here.

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