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PCA Predict

Setting Up PCA Predict (Formerly known as Postcode Lookup)

PCA Predict's Capture+ service allows addresses and postcodes from anywhere in the world to be looked up within Workbooks. A free trial is available via Open in new windowPCA Predict's website.  Once you've obtained a Capture+ Web key you access the feature from Start Configuration> Email & Integration > Postcode Lookup.

There is an additional licence available from PCA Predict for Government data lookup. If you would like to map this extra data into Workbooks, please contact Workbooks Support.

The on-screen instructions explain how to enable the feature.  A short animated image also illustrates how to use the feature to quickly find address information.  Here's a link to Open in new windowPCA Predicts's website.

Once you've enabled the feature and granted the relevant User Group(s) access to the feature by giving them the 'Address Lookup' Capability, you're ready to go!

The Workbooks user's default country will be set, but you can change your country if required:

postcode lookup 1

Using PCA Predict

For details on how to use PCA Predict click here.

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