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Running and Reviewing your Import

Running your Import

When you're happy with all the settings click Run at the top of the screen.  Your import will be placed in a queue and you'll be notified when it's ready for review.  In the meantime, you can carry on using Workbooks as normal.

The notification will look similar to this:

Reviewing your Import

When you receive the notification, click Open to generate a screen similar to the one below.


This screen gives you information on the success (or otherwise) of your import.  The summary tab shows you the Status of your import (in this example, the Status is Awaiting Review), as well as showing you statistics about the number of rows successfully/partially imported or rejected.

The second tab shows the data that has been fully/partially imported.  You can click on the records to open them to check that the right fields have been populated with the correct import data and that they are linked (if appropriate) to the right records. 

Until the import is Approved, only the User carrying out the import has access to these records.  (The User carrying out the import can also open the relevant Landing Page, where imported rows awaiting review will be highlighted in blue.)

The Errors tab will show any records that could not be imported along with information on why they weren't imported.  Similarly the Warnings tab shows information about any problems with importing that have resulted in only a partial import of data, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Notice that to help you identify what has caused an error or warning you're given information about which row of your source data has been problematic, as well as being given an error message showing information about the nature of the problem. 

In this example (a People import where the records were to be linked to existing Organisation records), the employer Organisations don't already exist on Workbooks so it wasn't possible to link the People to them.

Opening the Imported Records tab allows you to click and open the records awaiting approval so you can check that the right fields have been populated with the correct import data.  We strongly recommend that you carry out spot checks of this data to ensure that the import has created the records as you expected.

Once you're happy with the imported data click Approve.  This will complete the import and make your records visible to other Workbooks Users. 

If you're not happy with the import you can click Reject, which will remove all the records created via your import and reset the status of the import job to Not Run.

NOTE:  Clicking Close simply closes the window, whereas clicking Delete will delete the entire import and discard the uploaded data file.

Until the import is either Approved or Rejected, the records will be visible in Landing Pages (highlighted in blue) but only for the User carrying out the import.

NOTE: It is important that all your imports are either Approved or Rejected and are not left in any other state. Approving an import will change the Status to Complete and Rejecting it will change the Status to Not Run.  Leaving an import in any other state is likely to cause problems on your database and possibly corrupt your data.

Imports awaiting a Response

When an Administration User logs into a database and there are imports awaiting a response within that database, there will be a warning banner displayed on the top of the screen similar to the one below.

By clicking on this banner the user will be directed to an import Landing Page filtered to show the Imports that require attention. This includes information on when the import was created, run and the current status of that import, see below. 

By clicking on any of these records, the user will be directed to the screen in which you can Review your Import.