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Configuring the Advanced Security Module

The Advanced Security Module is used to create custom rulesets to give specific Users or User Groups the ability to access, delete or modify records whether that be segmenting Users by geographical area or by their function within the company.

The Advanced Security Module can be set up to restrict Users from accessing information that is either not necessary for them to see or should not have the ability to view them.

Note: We would always recommend before you set up the Advanced Security Modules you think about the kind of rules you want to implement and ensure that you have the correct User Groups set up in order to allow this.

Once a new Sharing Policy and Ruleset has been created you will need to Recalculate permissions of the Record type that you would like to be updated. This is done from the Record's Landing Page and like any Bulk Action you will be given the option to undo it within 30 days if you need to revert back.

The Bulk Action will run in the background and may take a few minutes to run depending on the number of records that are being recalculated.

Note: If you have any Rulesets or Sharing Policies that affect the Everyone Group these rules will overwrite new Capabilities such as this as Permissions work on a cumulative basis, meaning that as they are a member of Everyone they get the Permissions of the Everyone group.

We have two worked through examples, the first is how you can segment data for Users in different locations, then how you control their abilities based on their function.