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Within the Database area of the Configuration Landing Page you can:

  • Create new databases
  • Control access grants to existing databases
  • Rename databases
  • View Databases that may be in differing states i.e. currently unavailable/archived*
  • Change the login domain for a database
  • Manage your storage usage for your account
  • Set the Prefixes and Numbering of record types
  • Export your Database┬áto SQL.
  • Other Settings (not limited to the below):
    • Changing how Party Relationships are displayed
    • Controlling how Supplier Orders can be created
    • Changing the discount calculation for transaction documents

*An archived database can take up to 30 minutes to become "available" again, due to the processes that occur behind the scenes to bring the Database back to a Live state - please be patient when waiting for an Archived database to be made available

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