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Configuring PDF Documents & Templates

Document Templates are used to create PDF output documents in Workbooks. These are used to create 'final' print-ready documents (as opposed to plain templates which are based on 'HTML' and create editable documents). PDF templates can be used to create output for most types of record:


Check your Own Organisation details are accurate so that they appear correctly on your PDF output documents.

By default, Workbooks is supplied with a Document Template called unified.xsl which is configured for use with Quotations, Orders, Invoices, Contracts, Credit Notes and Supplier Orders. System Administrators can change the appearance of this template:

  • Changing the colour of the font, the table header backgrounds and gridlines.
  • Uploading your company logo for use within the document.
  • Controlling whether a signature block or bank account details are displayed on the PDF.

This template pulls through information from your Own Organisation record (such as your company name and address and the VAT and Registration numbers), as well as the relevant data from the specific transaction for which you're creating a PDF document.

Most customers can achieve the output they require using the default unified.xsl template. However, by uploading a custom template you can create PDFs with completely different appearance and content while still retaining the ability to customise it in minor ways. The section Creating Custom Document Templates describes how to do this.

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