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Leads in Workbooks CRM

Leads in Workbooks are used to record details of a person and/or organisation who you have not yet qualified as being a 'real' prospect.  They are a valuable source of new business so it's important that they're managed well and actioned quickly.

You can:

  • Enter Leads manually.
  • Import Leads in bulk.
  • Set up a Web2Lead form so that the details of people completing a form on your website are automatically added to your Leads.
  • Follow up and track your Leads.
  • Convert Leads to People and Organisations and automatically generate Opportunity records.
  • Add Leads to a Marketing Campaign.


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To view the sales Leads on your database either:
Click on Start > Sales > Leads ; or:
Click on Start > Marketing > Leads .
Either route will display the Leads Landing Page. ...

If you don't want to create new records for Person, Organisation or Opportunity, simply remove the tick(s) from the appropriate checkboxes.

Leads usually consist of information about a Pe ...