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Introduction to the Mapping Module

What does this module give you?

The Mapping Module gives Users the ability to view the locations of People and Organisations on a Map. This is a useful tool for Field Sales Teams or anyone who is off-site visiting customers, as it makes it possible to compare the location of one customer to other nearby customers, and to see which customers are within a certain distance of a point – meaning that they could plan their day around a particular location.

The below video demonstrates the functionality of this module.

Setting it up

This Extension must be bought for each User that requires it, but it does not have to be purchased for every User. It is not included in the CRM Professional or Business Professional licences. Once purchased, remember to enable the Module (Configuration > Users & Security > Licences & Modules > Modules), and assign a licence to each of the Users that require it.

After enabling the module, when you log into the database for the first time, a process will run in the background to find the map position of each of the People and Organisation records that has an address. This is stored as a longitude and latitude, a set of coordinates that refers to a point on the Earth’s surface, and is determined from the values in the address fields e.g. Postcode, Town/City, Country, Street Address.

This process may take a few hours to run the first time, depending on the size of your database, so please be patient before you start to use this new module. In addition, if you have multiple databases, you will need to log into each of the databases for them to be populated with the mapping data, but these will be queued so only one database per customer is populated at a time.

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