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Workbooks enables you to record Notes and attach files to a whole range of records, including:


Don't use Notes for recording details of conversations or meetings; these should be recorded as Activities.

Agree and implement a naming convention for Notes to make them easy to find using Search.

You can create three types of Note:

  • Free-type information about the record (usually information that doesn't readily fit into any of the other fields in that record).  In addition, you can upload any files that are relevant. For example, NDAs, maps, annual reports, licences and so on.
  • A standardised Note that uses a template with placeholders that are replaced with values from the parent record (ie the record that the Note is linked to).
  • One that includes a link to a URL and displays the contents of that URL in the body of the Note.

Adding a free-type Note

Either click New > Note on the Main tab of the record to which you want to add a Note or open the Notes tab and click New Note.  Complete the Subject field and enter your text in the body of the Note.  You can enter the text directly and format it using the formatting toolbar or you can enter data in HTML format by first activating the HTML button.  

You can upload a file to your Note (as long as the file is less than 16 MB in size) by opening the Files tab on the Note and clicking Upload Files.

The text entered in the body of a Note is searchable (but the text within any uploaded file is not).

You can also add a Note to an Activity by opening the Notes tab on the relevant activity and clicking New Note.

Applying a Template to a Note

Open the Notes tab and click New Note.  If any templates have been set up and activated for the type of record for which you're creating a note you'll see a drop-down menu showing the templates plus the option to create a Blank Note.  Choose the appropriate option.  Notice that the new Note is configured based on the template applied although you can still edit it if required.

Adding a Note that includes a link to a URL

This option is very useful if you store files against your Workbooks records. Rather than having to upload the file itself into Workbooks, which can quickly use up your Storage Allowance, you can instead store the link to where the file is stored in an external storage system.

Open the Notes tab on the record for which you want to add the URL and click New Link.  Enter a subject and add the URL details to URL field.  Click in the frame under the URL or hit tab and the relevant web resource will appear in the frame beneath the URL.

NOTE:  Sometimes websites require additional authentication in order for the resource to appear in a frame.  If you can't see the item when you've followed the steps above, click on the button at the right-hand side of the URL field to open the resource in a new tab.

You can also add a Note to an Activity by opening the Notes tab on the relevant activity and clicking New Note.

Regardless of the type of Note created, you can link to the parent object (ie, the record against which the Note was first created) by clicking on the icon at the top.  This icon will vary depending on what type of record the parent object is.

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