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Workbooks templates can be used when compiling emails, documents (Google Documents) or Notes.  If you regularly send out emails which have similar content or want to create documents or Notes in the same format, you'll benefit from setting up Templates. 


By default, Templates are private to their creator but they can be shared by amending the Sharing Permissions within the padlock icon in the top right-hand corner.

Not only will this feature improve productivity but it will also enforce consistent and a high-quality output.

Workbooks supports the creation of three types of Template:

  • A template for a specific record type
    These templates can only be used when composing an email, document or Note about a specific type of record and you can include placeholders for data found on those records. 

    For example, a Case email template to give a customer an update on a support query they've reported might include placeholders for data such as the case reference number, the status, who's the issue is assigned to and so on.  A number of pre-defined templates are provided within the product, which can be modified to suit your needs or you can create templates from scratch.
  • A mailshot email template
    A template created for a mailshot.  These templates can include placeholders for data drawn from the related Marketing Campaign or from the email recipient records, such as title, name, address, employer, etc.
  • A simple email template
    These templates don't relate to specific record types so can be used for emails throughout Workbooks.

Templates can be entered by typing directly into the body and formatting the text or can be entered as HTML and can include links to images and URLs in your Upload Library.

To see existing Templates click Start > Marketing > Templates, which opens the Templates Landing Page.  You can customise the appearance of this (and any other) Landing Page including grouping, filtering and saving views. 

For more information on customising views click here.

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