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Outlook Connector System Requirements

Please find below the system requirements and compatibility specification for the latest version of the Workbooks Outlook Connector.

We recommend always installing the most recent version of the Outlook Connector.

Table of contents

Hardware Requirements

We recommend your computer has at least a 1.8GHz CPU, 1024x768 screen, with 2GB of main memory and 1GB of free hard disk space

Software Requirements

MS Exchange Server Versions

MS Exchange Server 2013 Supported
MS Exchange Server 2016 Supported
MS Exchange Online (Office 365) Supported

Operating Systems

MS Windows 8 (including 8.1) Supported
MS Windows 10 Supported
Apple Mac OS X Not supported (see below)

Outlook Versions

MS Outlook 2013 Supported
MS Outlook 2013 SP1 Supported
MS Outlook 2016 Supported

MS Office Versions

MS Office 2013 SP1 Supported
MS Office 2016 Supported

Important notes:

Office 365

This is supported providing you are using it with a version of Outlook which is also supported.

IMAP / Cached Exchange Mode

The Workbooks Outlook Connector is compatible with PST (POP3) and Cached Exchange (OST), but not with IMAP or Non-Cached Exchange. You should aim to use Cached Exchange mode since with PST you will not have the ability to share emails.

The MS Exchange Server account must be configured in Cached Exchange Mode only. Where MS Exchange Server is not used, a local (on client PC) Outlook .PST file is used for the Workbooks CRM data storage.
Only a single Outlook profile should be used with the Workbooks Outlook Connector.

MS Business Contact Manager

When MS Business Contact Manager is used it changes the PST schema in ways that are incompatible with the Workbooks Outlook Connector.

We recommend it is disabled prior to the installation of the Outlook Connector.

Terminal Services

This is not supported and not recommended for general use. You should instead use the Workbooks Exchange Server Sync solution.

Mac OS X

The Workbooks Outlook Connector has been created for Windows versions of Outlook. You can run these within a "Virtual Machine" such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion, or alternatively, you could use the Dropbox or the Workbooks Exchange Server Sync service.

Automating Installation

You can use tools such as SCCM to automate the deployment of the Outlook Connector.