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Reporting Views (Reports on Landing Pages)

Reports can be added to Landing Pages, thus allowing quick access to reporting data. 


A Landing Page View displays columns from a single record type e.g. Opportunities. They don't allow you to "drill through" to information related to the Opportunity, such as the Prospective Customer's Country. This is fine if you're just interested in information on the Opportunity header record itself, but reports offer more advanced functionality, such as the ability to report on linked records and add advanced criteria.

Any report can be added to a Landing Page - it doesn't have to be based on the same record type. For example, you can have an Order Report on an Opportunity Landing Page, which allows you to switch views between the list of "My Open Opportunities", and an Orders report. This avoids the need for two separate windows - just switch views.

To add a Report View to a Landing Page

  • On a Landing Page click the cog symbol at the top of the Views sub-menu.
  • Click Add a Report View.
  • Select the Report and the particular View you wish to display.
  • Use the Position field to specify where in the list of views you want the report to appear.
  • Use the Hover Help Text to control what help text appears when you hover over the report name in the View column. This can be particularly helpful if your report has a name which is too long to display in the column in its entirety.
  • Click Save & Close.

reporting views 1

The Report is now available in the list of views. When you click on it in the views column, you'll then see the option to Open Report at the top of the screen. This will open the report in a new window, with the full list of reporting options on the left-hand menu.



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