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Workbooks Roadmap



Continuous Improvement

At Workbooks we enhance our products based on customer feedback. We actively encourage customers to suggest new ideas and provide tools for customers to vote on the features they would most like to see in the product. You can visit the Customer Suggestions area to see the current list.

We typically run a 3-4 month development cycle and this agile approach to development allows us to respond quickly to market demands and to feedback from our customers.

The improvements currently being worked on by our engineering team are: 

Improving the Tablet version of Workbooks

We are improving the Workbooks user interface so that it is easier to use on tablet-sized devices. 

The tablet version of Workbooks will offer all the same functionality as the standard "web desktop" version, but it will be designed to be used by fingers and swiping gestures, rather than a keyboard and mouse.

You can see a preview of this design in this video.

User Interface Improvements

We are making a number of changes to our user interface technology over the next couple of releases, of which the Tablet improvements are just a part.  This will provide significant benefits to the platform including the ability to provide a common UI across desktop, tablet and phone.  The changes will also improve the performance of the web desktop client.  A further benefit is that the user interface will become much more "accessible".

Mailing List Management

We are improving the support for managing mailing lists within Workbooks, to make it easier to use and easier to integrate with third-party emailing tools.

Today in Workbooks, Campaign records are used for both campaign management and mailing list management.  The mailing list functionality of a campaign will be separated into a separate record type.  This means that subscription management, e.g. who’s subscribed to a list, who has opted out, will move into the mailing list record. 

By doing this the new design will make it easier for users to run multiple campaigns to the same mailing list and it will also simplify the integration with third-party mailers.