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Workbooks Roadmap



Continuous Improvement

At Workbooks we enhance our products based on customer feedback. We actively encourage customers to suggest new ideas and provide tools for customers to vote on the features they would most like to see in the product. You can visit the Customer Suggestions area to see the current list.

We typically run a 3-4 month development cycle and this agile approach to development allows us to respond quickly to market demands and to feedback from our customers.

The improvements currently being worked on by our engineering team are: 

Improving the Charts, Dashboards & Reports

We are currently busy improving the charts and dashboard.  This work will happen over several months and will include:

1. New Charts which are interactive and scale for tablets and phones.

2. Improvements to reports and targets - making it easier to manage target values in Workbooks.

3. Connecting targets into charts enabling performance against target can be visually represented in a chart. 

Events Module

We will be releasing an events module into our platform.  This will allow you to create events in Workbooks and publish them on your website.  Key elements of this solution will be:

  • Publishing events on your website
  • Selling tickets online, including multiple ticket types, early bird pricing and support for complex TAX rules
  • Integration with Stripe and SagePay for collecting payments.
  • Online registration of attendees
  • On the day attendance tools


GDPR Improvements

We will be extending the compliance record to:  

  • allow you to record 'Special Categories' of data on the compliance record
  • Report marketing consent for different channels of communication e.g. Content for email marketing (commonly known as email opt-in).
  • GDPR mode for email marketing.  This will only allow you to mailshot people or leads with valid compliance records.

Bulk Action Improvement

We have extended reporting so you can create bulk actions directly from a report.  This will include:

  • Creating Tasks
  • Creating Compliance Records
  • Add to Mailing List, Campaign or Mailshot
  • Delete, Reassign or recalculate permissions
  • Update