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Tracking URLs on Campaigns

Tracking URLs can be created within a Marketing Campaign to work in tandem with our Web Insights Module. Tracking URLs provide you with greater insight into the effectiveness of your Marketing Campaign.

You are able to create a specific links that will allow you to identify how a User came to your website and help you analyse which Marketing Campaigns have been the most effective and which medium are people most likely to interact with.

Why is it useful?

Knowing how a User arrives at your website allows you to understand the effectiveness of each Campaign type, which Members are most likely to interact with you and most importantly which Campaigns are generating the best return on investment so you know how best to spend your Marketing Budget.

How does it work?

The Tracking URL adds extra information (parameters) to the end of an existing hyperlink that, when used with Web Insights Module, tells you exactly how the person came to your website.

For example in Web Insights, if we saw that a Person that we know was invited to a Success Clinic visited, we would know that they had visited a Forum Post related to one of our Success Clinics, however we do not know if this is because they went from the link in the follow up email or visited it by chance.

However, if we use the link we can see the following:

  • Campaign = CAMP-788
  • Source = Email Click Through
  • Medium = Follow Up
  • Content = Forum Post

This tells us that they clicked a hyperlink from that Campaign, which was a follow up email.

How to create a Tracking URL

A Tracking URL can be generated directly from the Marketing Campaign before it is sent out. From the Main tab of the Campaign select the Tracking URL button, this generates a new dialogue box that will help you generate the URL.

On the dialogue box you will see six boxes:

  • Website URL: This is the original link that you want to direct people to.
  • Marketing Campaign: Automatically generated from the Campaign that you have opened
  • Source: This is an unrestricted Picklist that allows you to choose the source of the online activity, i.e. where the person would have found the link.
  • Medium: The advertising platform used in the Campaign.
  • Content: Useful for when you have multiple links in the same Campaign pointing to the same page, allows you to identify which one was clicked on by the customer.
  • Tracking URL: This is the final URL that you can copy and paste into your Campaign to be used to track Member movement.

How do you use them?

You simply need to use this URL wherever you would usually enter your original URL. Web Insights Customers can then use this information within reports to track where people have been on their website, and how they got there.