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Triggers and Webhooks

Triggers and Webhooks

Within Workbooks it is possible to create and define both Triggers and Webhooks.

What are Triggers and Webhooks?

Triggers are a predefined action that activates a Webhook or Webhooks. Examples of possible Triggers include the creation of a Case or the Qualification of a Sales Lead.

Webhooks are User defined HTTP callbacks. They are activated by the Trigger, and they make an HTTP request to the URL configured for that Webhooks. They can be configured to cause events or behaviour in the same or other website packages. They can be used to build continuous integration between two systems or create automation within a single system. They can accomplish this without further infrastructure to either system.

What will they allow you to do?

With the use of Triggers and Workbooks, you will no longer need a Developer to develop the Script or Automation you desire. It will also be possible to create your very own custom integrations within Workbooks that will allow you to Automate and speed up some of your workflows.

A Trigger can monitor certain a Record Type within Workbooks and carry out an action when a specific rule is met. 

Out-of-the-box Triggers

Workbooks comes with some native Triggers. These Triggers can be used independently but some of them may also be used in any integration being carried out with Zapier. Not all Workbooks Triggers will have a corresponding Zapier Trigger. These native Triggers include:

Triggers for the Creation of new Records;

  • The Creation of a new Person.
  • The Creation of a new Organisation.
  • The Creation of a new Sales Lead.
  • The Creation of a new Case.
  • The Creation of a new Activity.
  • The Creation of a new Product.
  • The Creation of a new Marketing Campaign.
  • The Creation of a new Meeting.
  • The Creation of a new API Data record.

Other Triggers available in Workbooks;

  • An Invoice being Posted.
  • A Credit Note being Posted.
  • An Order being Posted.
  • A Quotation being Posted.
  • A Supplier Order being Posted.
  • A Contract becoming Active.
  • A Contract becoming Inactive.

Although these Triggers are native they can be disabled and enabled by a click of checkbox whilst creating or modifying them. Webhooks are created from within a Trigger Record. Please continue for more information.

NOTE: If you cannot see Triggers and Webhooks in your configuration please ensure that the Module is active for the database.

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