Licences & Modules

Licences & Modules

There are three tabs within Licences & Modules:

  • Licences - here you can see information about your licence entitlement (based on your contractual agreement with Workbooks). You'll see how many licences you have for editions of Workbooks and any extensions that have been purchased as well as information on when the licences are valid from and due to expire;
  • Licence Usage - this screen shows you how many of your licences are in use and how many are left to be allocated, or have been over allocated (shown as a negative number);
  • Modules - if you want to simplify things for your users you can turn off any modules that nobody on your system uses. This affects the accessibility to modules for your whole user-base and overrides any access granted via Capabilities. If you have more than one database in the same account be aware that switching modules on/off makes the same changes across all your databases. NOTE:  In order for any changes you've applied to take effect, these Users need to logout of Workbooks and login again.

In order to be able to assign records and tasks to users (via the Assigned To field), the person to whom you want to assign the record must have a valid Licence associated with their User record.

For more general information about licensing, click here to be taken to a Forum post addressing commonly asked questions. Alternatively, click here to find out how to deactivate user licences.

Over allocated Licences

If the number of Licences being used exceeds the Licence entitlement (for either Editions or Extensions), a banner will appear at the top of the Workbooks Desktop screen (for all Users). Clicking on the banner will display the licence usage, with over allocated licences highlighted.

Any User, whether Enabled or Disabled is counted in the licenced units for an Edition or an Extension if the User is allocated a licence:

  • Disabling a User prevents that User from logging on, but they are still licensed and may have records assigned to them.
  • If a User does not have a valid licence allocated to them, other Users will not be able to assign records of any type to them. However, as mentioned above, any records already assigned to the unlicensed User will remain assigned to them.
  • To deny a User access to all of the databases on your account (because they've left the organisation, for example) requires that BOTH their licensed Edition and all Extensions have been unallocated AND that their Login Enabled checkbox is unticked.

There are a number of options to consider, in order to resolve the over allocation of licences:

  • Option 1: If the User does not need access to the service, simply remove the allocated licence. To do this, go to Start > Configuration > Users & Security > Users and then click on the User you wish to amend. In the Licence section, click on the dropdown picklist next to Allocated Edition and change the setting to 'No Edition (login denied)'. Then, from the Allocated Extensions list, untick all allocated extensions. Any records assigned to the User will remain assigned to them.
  • Option 2: The User can be deleted. Any records to the User will be re-assigned to the Unassigned Queue. We recommend caution with this approach as it cannot be undone.
  • Option 3: Additional licences could be purchased from Workbooks by contacting the Workbooks Sales Team using the details below.

IMPORTANT: Before disabling or deleting a User record, please ensure that the User doesn’t own any processes, scripts, web keys or Own Organisations. Deleting or disabling Users on your database can affect how Workbooks operates for your organisation. If you are unsure, please contact the Support Team before making any changes.

To upgrade your current licence(s), contact the Sales Team by phone on +44 (0)118 3030 100, email them at or chat to them live by clicking on the Live Chat button from the Workbooks pricing page.