Licences & Modules

Licences & Modules

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There are three tabs within Licences & Modules:

  • Licences - here you can see information about your licence entitlement (based on your contractual agreement with Workbooks). You'll see how many licences you have for editions of Workbooks and any extensions that have been purchased as well as information on when the licences are due to expire:
  • Licence Usage - this screen shows you how many of your licences are in use and how many are left to be allocated;
  • Modules - if you want to simply things for your users you can turn off any modules that you're not using. This affects the accessibility to modules for your whole user-base and overrides any access granted via Capabilities. If you have more than one database in the same account be aware that switching modules on/off makes the same changes across all your databases.

NOTE:  In order for any changes you've applied to take effect, the Users need to logout and login again.

If you'd like to upgrade your current licence(s) you can use the links at the foot of the Licences page to chat live with one of our Sales Team. Alternatively you can send an email to or call the Sales Team on +44(0) 118 3030 100.