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Web to Case and Web to Lead

If you use forms on your website which are completed by potential and/or existing customers, you might like to configure Workbooks so that when a form is submitted, a record is automatically created in Workbooks, populated with the details that the person entered. 

This functionality is available for Leads and Cases and is known as Web2Lead and Web2Case respectively.

You can:

  • Specify which fields from your records are used in the form (including any custom fields).
  • Configure your settings so that the records generated are assigned to a specific individual or Queue.
  • Generate multiple forms for use on different parts of your website.

There are two steps you need to take; the first is generating a web key and the second is editing the form that's generated.  Once the form has been edited, it can be used on your website, although it includes no style and little formatting so you'll probably want to change the style before publishing it on your site.