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Introduction to Zapier and Zaps


Zapier and Workbooks

There is no need to keep waiting for developers to build the integrations you wish for.

Workbooks can communicate with Zapier, a tool that makes it possible to connect the apps you use and get more out of your data, thus allowing you to automate tasks between online apps. This will allow you to be able to use complementary apps side by side in the way you want.

How does it work?

Zapier is a web automation tool where you can build Zaps that can automate specific parts of your business. A Zap is a blueprint of a predefined task that you want to run over and over again. Zaps work by using 'Triggers' and 'Actions', allowing you to tell Zapier 'When this happens in this app, do that in another app'.

  • The Zapier Triggers are controlled by Triggers and Webhooks within Workbooks. The 'Workbooks Trigger' listens for any change in Workbooks that meets a specific criteria, and uses a Webhook to send the relevant information to the 'Zapier Trigger'.
  • The Zapier Actions collect the information sent from another app and use the Workbooks API to carry out the necessary steps within Workbooks.

Supported by over 500 applications, it is possible to mix and match Triggers and Actions to automate tasks that previously had to be carried out manually. This can aid in speeding up workflows and increasing efficiency and productivity.


Zaps are very lightweight and easy to set up, so there are only two things needed to start creating your very own;

1. An active Workbooks account

2. A Zapier account

What Zap Templates are available?

You do not need a Zap Template to set up an integration, but if there is one available it can greatly speed up the process. We currently have the following Zap Templates available. We recommend that you read our Setting up Zaps page to find documentation for each of these, and to learn how to set up Zaps with Workbooks. Alternatively clicking 'Use this Zap' below will take you to Zapier's website to start creating the Zap.

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