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Upload Library

upload_libraryThe Workbooks Upload Library can be used to store your marketing artefacts. These artefacts can include documents, images and media files- in fact, files of any type, subject to size limitations.

Files stored in your Upload Library are:

  • Available to be used as a resource within templates and emails (even emails created outside the Workbooks service).
  • Stored on the Internet, so can be referenced from your website or within emails.


The current size limit for assets in the Upload Library is set to 50 Megabytes per file, which should easily be big enough to accommodate most file types.

Referencing files as opposed to embedding them directly into emails will not only help your email by-pass overzealous spam filters but will also reduce the amount of data contained in an email and guarantee all recipients in a bulk mailing receive the same centrally maintained document.

In addition, by editing resources in the library you can control the image/logo that appears on:

  • your Workbooks User Interface.
  • your printed outputs.
  • your templates.
  • the mailshot subscription management page.

NOTE:  Bitmap files (.bmp) can be uploaded to the library although currently will not result in a thumbnail being created.  Where possible we recommend using .png or .jpg files instead of .bmp as these tend to take up less space and do display thumbnails properly.