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Create Google Drive folders for new cases on Workbooks CRM

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive provides cloud storage for storing documents, spreadsheets and slides, which can then be shared and edited collaboratively.

What does this Zap do?

This Zap will automatically create a new folder in the specified Google Drive account when a new Case is created. This is useful if you often create multiple documents for a Case, like Project Specifications or UAT documents. You can also extend the Zap to create sub-folders, allowing you to ensure that your Google Drive always uses the same folder structure and naming conventions.

Setting up the Zap

A Zap Template called 'Create Google Drive folders for new cases on Workbooks CRM' can be used to speed up the process of setting this up. It selects the correct Trigger and Action for you, and sets up a field mapping. 

You will be taken through the Zap wizard as normal but will only need to tell Zapier which accounts to connect to. The only field mapping that needs to be set up is for the Folder Name. We have suggested the format of [Company Name] - [Case Reference], but this can be amended.


You can extend this Zap to also create sub-folders within the newly created folder. Click on the plus button on the left to add a new step, and choose the Trigger 'Create Folder'. This time when setting up the field mappings, you will see an option for 'Folder'. To set this as the folder created in the previous step, choose 'Use Custom Value' and then 'Step 2, Id'.